If you’ve been looking for a way to add style to your home, bow windows may serve as a welcome addition. New windows are a popular way for homeowners to improve curb appeal. They can expand your view and enable you to create a more functional living space. For a bow windows guide, keep reading.


What Are Bow Windows?

ProVia Bay & Bow WindowIt’s easy to confuse a bow window with a bay window. They’re similar in size, shape, and function. However, a bow window is a bit more stylish.

Bow windows sweep away from the wall in an elegant arch. Also, they might feature three, four, five, or six windows.

Bow windows are larger than bay windows. They have more glass area because they curve instead of forming corners.

As with a bay window, your bow window can also include an interior bench seat. A bench seat is an opportunity for extra storage and a comfortable place to have your morning cup of coffee.

How to Use Bow Windows?

Often, a homeowner will install them in a living room or dining room. Bow windows curve gently. The curve gives the windows a Victorian appearance, much like that of a church.

The gentle sweep of this window is perfect for larger homes with nuanced architectural details. They are an excellent complement to arch windows and doorways as well as round rooms and stone interiors.

It will allow more light into a room due to the outward projection compared to double-hung or single hung windows. As a result, they’re ideal for installation on the north or east side of a home. Here, bow windows can let in more light in areas that are typically light deprived.

How Does a Bow Window Work?

Manufacturers make some with casements. This kind of window opens with a crank, allowing you to let ventilation into your home. Casement Windows open outward on hinges.

In other instances, manufacturers make single-hung or double-hung bow windows. These kinds of bow windows lift on tracks.

Bow windows feature narrow panes. As a result, it’s difficult to find blinds or curtains that fit correctly for them.

For this reason, many homeowners leave them bare. This practice also allows them to let in as much light as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Bow Windows?

Aspect Bow Window Casement-Living-Room

It also can cover a larger section of the wall. This is another feature that allows them to let in more light.

The fact bow windows curve around corners because of this unique design, they can give a home a rounded appearance. They can provide an almost castle-like look for your home.

This style of a window is more expensive than other options. As a result, they’re less common.

In turn, they provide uniqueness. In this way, they can increase the value of your property.

With bow windows, you’ll experience improved airflow in your home. Among all bow windows benefits, this one is probably the most notable. Also, they’re an ideal addition for homes with exceptional views.

Compared to bay windows, bow windows set more closely to the edge of your wall. This makes bow windows ideal for exterior locations that are near a property line.

What Are Standard Bow Window Sizes?

Aeris-5-Lite-Bow-Window-ExteriorA bow window typically features a head, seat, and jamb made of birch or oak plywood. You can install a bow window at a jamb depth of four to six inches.

Typically, will have three, four, five, or six panes. Also, it will feature at least two operable windows with screens. You can choose between double-hung, casement, or picture windows.

You can also order an attractive copper roof kit to top off the installation. Alternatively, you can choose a bow window roof in painted aluminum.

How to Measure for a Bow Window?

To install a new bow replacement window, you must know the exact size of your existing window. A proper fit is necessary for secure and functional installation. However, measuring for bow window installation is relatively straightforward.

You need only measure the height and width of your existing window. For the height, measure from the top of the window frame to the base. For the width, measure from the outermost corner of the window to the outermost corner of the opposite side of the window.

There’s no need to approximate the size of each windowpane. You also don’t need to try to measure the curved areas. With the correct height and width measurements, you’re prepared to give the contractor the information needed to provide you with an installation estimate.

What Brand of Bow Windows Are Best?

Provia windows are the best offering on the market. They come with remarkable standard features.

For example, the Provia Endure window comes standard with the ComforTech DLA-UV Warm Edge Glazing System. It also features a cable support system with an adjustable turnbuckle. Also, all Provia Endure bow windows come with a standard knee brace support system.

With Provia bow windows, you can also order an optional THERMAX insulated seat board. The company also offers decorative and roof brace kits.

An Expert Installer for Your Bow Windows

Now that you know more about bow windows, you need an expert for the installation.

STL Windows and Doors is a family-owned and operated window contractor. We’ve served St. Louis businesses and homeowners since 2014. Together, our team members have decades of installation experience.

At STL Windows and Doors, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We only hire and train the most skilled and dedicated installers for our team. You can count on us to deliver a beautiful addition to your home or business.

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