Nature sounds are great for helping you relax. Do you hear the rain hitting the glass, soft thunder, and the smell of the outdoors? Then garden windows are just what you are looking for.

What if you could commune with nature without using your imagination? Bring the outdoors inside with a beautiful window shelf where your plants can get plenty of sunshine.

You don’t need nature sounds to help you imagine lush greenery when the lush greenery is real and at your kitchen window. Grow your own mini jungle at home with the right window replacement.

Here’s why garden windows in St. Louis are a great addition to any home.

What Is a Garden Window?

Provia Garden EndureGarden windows, or greenhouse windows, are windows where indoor house plants will grow well because they let sunlight in from all directions.

They protrude from the house and look something like a bay window. However, a kitchen garden window also has window glass on the roof of the protrusion, which lets in even more light and makes it ideal for growing things inside the house.

Many garden windows are in the kitchen of the home because you spend a lot of time there, often at the sink. It’s a great way to remind yourself to water the house plants, and you’ll add to the view as you perform mundane chores like washing dishes.

A View Anywhere

While a garden bay window is often in the kitchen, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, one of the main advantages of adding a garden window is that you can add greenery to any room in the house. If you put a garden window in your bedroom, you can have fresh floral scents and a gorgeous view when you wake up.

Put a garden window in your living room and fill it with seasonal plants to create a lovely view for visitors when you’re entertaining. These types of windows work in any room in the house, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight.

Find Your Green Thumb with Garden Windows

Aspect Garden WindowIf you’ve been searching terms like  “kitchen garden windows over sink” but hesitating because you have a black thumb, don’t worry. The placement of a garden window means that your plants will have all the sunlight they need, and they’ll be in a place where you won’t forget about them.

The plants in plain sight will remind you to water them by virtue of their presence, and you’ll wonder where your green thumb was all these years.

With a built-in shelf, you’ll have a place to store houseplants, rather than having to buy extra furniture or end tables to have places for the pots.

With the tools to build your greenhouse, you can find all kinds of different types of flowers and herbs that you may have previously had little interest in.

Which Plants Do I Choose?

Stocking your kitchen greenhouse windows is the least of your worries. You’ll just need to figure out if you want greenery, flowers, or herbs. In each category, you’ll have options you’ll love.

Here are a few plants that are green all year round:

  • Pothos Ivy
  • Spider Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade

Here are a few plants that flower all summer if you deadhead them:

  • Petunias
  • Begonias
  • Snapdragons
  • Pansies
  • Geraniums

Here are a few herbs that are low-maintenance (you’ll have fresh herbs for your kitchen!):

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Rosemary

No matter the direction you go, having greenery, flowers, and herbs available all year adds the beauty of nature to your home (and your taste buds!).

Affordable Upgrade

Endure Garden Window Kitchen Laminated Interior

If you’re wondering about garden window prices, don’t worry. This upgrade is an affordable way to improve the aesthetic of your home, as well as possibly improve its resale value.

The price of each window is different, based on materials (wood, vinyl, aluminum), as well as the brand and size you choose. Make sure you go with a company whose reputation is stellar, as well as one with great

customer service. Ask about options to help make the window fit in your budget, as well as any available financing.

Health Benefits of Houseplants

Growing plants help improve your mental health. It gives you something to care for and provides hope as you watch it changing every day. In addition to your daily exercise and other self-care routines, spend a few minutes a day at your garden window with your new plants.

Your plants provide continuity–jade plants, in particular, live for a long time, decades even. Having houseplants around for a while makes your home feel more like a safe refuge, where you can put down roots (pun intended).

Jade can be fragile, but if a branch breaks off your jade plants, you can start a new plant with it. Put the cutting in some soil and treat it like your other jade plant. It will grow, and you can re-pot it for a gift.

Your houseplants also purify the air. This is in addition to their normal role of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, the exact opposite of our bodies. Prayer plants, philodendron, and English ivy especially are known for removing toxic chemicals or fecal particles from the air.

Your Home’s Beautiful Windows

With all the benefits of installing garden windows, it’s clearly a great choice for your home. Upgrading the view and functionality of your home starts with gorgeous new windows.

In addition to a new hobby and better health, you’ll have beautiful views and a more valuable home.

Get a free estimate today for your new garden window, and start enjoying all the benefits of having a garden window in St. Louis!

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