Replacing the windows in your home can give you up to a 71% return on investment when you sell it. Awning windows are one type of window to consider when you’re remodeling or looking for window replacement.

Not planning to sell? No worries. Sixty-three percent of people who replaced their windows said they enjoyed being at home more afterward. New windows update the look of your home. You can save money on utility bills through energy efficiency. 

Read on to learn all about using awning windows in your St. Louis area home.

What Is an Awning Window?

An awning window has hinges on the top and opens from the bottom. Awning windows open outwards. Like a casement window or a hopper window, an awning window has a single sash with a hand crank to open and close it.

Awning windows are rectangular with a width greater than their height. In other words, when the window is open, the raised glass forms a shelter like an awning over the window opening. This feature is where the name comes from.

Where Are Awning Windows Used?

Awning Windows in Laundery Room
Awning windows are ideal for several types of locations in your home. Their design features make them a versatile choice.


Privacy is obviously a high priority in the bathroom. You can place an awning window high on the wall. You benefit from ventilation and natural light while preventing people outside from looking in.

You want air circulation in the bathroom year-round. You can open an awning window in almost any weather.


Looking to leave the window open in your bedroom but don’t want to be inviting for criminals? An awning window can be a great option here. That way you can enjoy the fresh air while you sleep & still feel safe.


An awning window is useful if you need to place a window over furniture or fixtures. This type of placement is often the case in the kitchen. Because an awning window open, you can still open it easily if you have to reach over the sink or a wide counter.

The kitchen is a room where you want air circulation throughout the year, which is another reason to choose an awning window.

In Combination with a Picture Window

Awning windows can give you a clear view outside. Many people choose to place them above a picture window. You maintain your view and still get air circulation in the room.

Low-Level Locations

Awning windows are more secure than other types of windows. Your family’s safety is a priority, so this feature makes them a good choice for places where security is a priority. Basements or other below-grade rooms are one example.

You may also choose an awning window for a room on the ground floor for security reasons.

How Does an Awning Window Work?

Casement Awning Hardware

The way awning windows work is that they open and close with a crank, making them much simpler to handle; therefore, it takes less effort to use them than slider windows.

To open the window, unlock the locks on both sides of the window. Then unfold the crank handle and turn it until the window is open to the angle you want. Some awning windows open up to 90 degrees.

To close the window, turn the handle in the opposite direction until the window is closed. Lock it on both sides.

What Are the Advantages of Awning Windows?

Awning windows have many advantages. In addition to their attractive look, they have practical benefits.

Ventilation and Light

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation. They allow natural light to enter the room. Even in small or hard-to-reach places in your home, an awning window can give you the benefits that we all love, like fresh air and light.

Can Stay Open in All Weather

When an awning window is open, the glass shelters the window opening because of the way it functions. So the window can stay open even in the rain.


We spoke earlier that an awning window could fit high on a wall where other Windows types won’t fit. As we mentioned, in rooms like a bathroom, where privacy is important, an awning window is a good choice.


Casement Awning Lock Antique Brass

Awning windows are often high on the wall and relatively small in size. Making them difficult for someone to break in because there is no reason for a room to feel like a cave with no natural light.

Unobstructed View

Awning windows don’t have rails, and they have a single sash. They give you an unobstructed view outside.

What Are the Disadvantages of Awning Windows?

Awning windows have many benefits, but they also have a few drawbacks. Here are 4 issues to keep in mind.

High-traffic Areas

Because they open outwards, they are not a good choice for areas with high traffic outside. Avoid installing awning windows if they open to an area like a porch, deck, or walkway. Local regulations may even prohibit using if they would be opening to a busy sidewalk.

Any other potential obstructions like trees or bushes need to be far enough away from the window to open.


Awning windows are more exposed to rain than other types of windows. You may need to clean them more often. If they don’t open a full 90 degrees, cleaning them can be complicated when they are high on a wall or your home’s upper story.


The mechanism to open and close an awning window is relatively complex. It gets a lot of wear and tear. Awning windows may need repairs more frequently than some other types of windows.

Escape Route

Building regulations require a certain number of windows on your home’s upper floor to be designated as escape routes. They usually can’t fulfill this purpose.

The typical size and placement and the way they open mean that they can’t function as escape routes.

What Are Standard Awning Window Sizes?

Awning windows are often smaller than other types of windows, but they don’t have to be.

Standard sizes have widths that go from 2 inches to 3 feet 10 1/8 inches. Heights go from 1 foot 8 inches to 7 feet 8 7/8 inches.

What Brand of Awning Window Are Best?

Energy Star Partner

You have many brands of awning windows to choose from. You want a highly rated brand that will fit within your budget. Look for a brand with various styles so you can find the best match for your home. Energy efficiency is also important.

ProVia awning windows have functionality, style, and energy efficiency. ProVia offers vinyl windows and vinyl with wood interior. Washability hinges allow you to clean the inside and the outside of the window easily.

ProVia windows meet Energy Star criteria. You may be eligible for a tax credit when you install them.

ProVia windows are made in America. ProVia is a family-owned company with a reputation for quality craftsmanship. ProVia stands behind its windows with a lifetime warranty on the basic window unit and hardware.

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