There’s a longstanding stereotype of no basement windows making basements dank, creepy areas where everybody avoids entering the house. As it happens, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are several ways to improve your basement and make it a warm, cozy place to unwind and relax.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to choose stunning basement windows. Since basements are underground areas, they often do not include any windows. If they do, they often have cracks and gaps that render them ineffective.

However, by purchasing windows for the basement, you can transform it into a second living room. If you choose the best basement window, you can add natural light, increased energy efficiency, and a beautiful aesthetic to the room.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

If you have windows in your basement already, you may be uneasy about replacing them. After all, window replacement costs money. Why should you allow that extra expense?

While this is a reasonable concern, many existing basement windows do not perform as well as they should. This poor performance usually results from a few causes.

In many cases, basement windows have gaps and cracks in the glass or around the frame. These gaps allow air both to slip out of the basement and into the basement, making it difficult to regulate temperatures.

In addition, many basement windows only have a single, thin layer of glass to protect indoors from outside temperatures. While this may work in very temperate climates, it causes problems in places with either extreme winters or extreme summers.

Replacing these windows with newer, thicker-paned windows erases these problems. With fresh glass, you can rest assured no gaps exist in the window. Furthermore, this thicker glass insulates your basement better.

With this insulation, your glass window is more likely to keep the basement at regular temperatures. This insulation also makes your windows more energy-efficient since you’re no longer wasting money on air that’s escaping the house.

Choosing a Window

We hope you can see the benefits of replacing your current windows. If so, then excellent! Now, all that’s left is to choose the window style that works best for your basement.

There are several window styles to choose from with basement windows. The one you choose will ultimately come down to what fits your home and your desired look best.

Awning Windows

If you’ve ever seen them, there’s a high likelihood they were awning windows. These windows attach from the top and open towards the bottom. They open at a tilted angle resembling an awning.

Why are these windows so standard for basements? Their popularity stems from their awning effect. By opening outwards at an angle, these windows protect your basement from falling rain, snow, or even hail.

As such, you can open your windows and allow fresh air into the basement while not having to worry about outside weather. Although these windows are smaller, they also allow some natural light in, adding a touch of brightness to your basement as well.

Picture Windows

Picture Window by7 ProViaIf you want to allow the maximum amount of light into your basement, then picture windows are a perfect choice. Unlike the previous type, these windows cannot open. However, they allow for picturesque looks that bathe your basement in natural light.

These windows look particularly stunning if you have a lot of land around your home. With a natural setting, these windows provide a unique view that you won’t get elsewhere.

Lastly, because they let so much light in, these windows have a way of making your basement feel larger. If you want to eliminate that sense of it being a cramped, dingy place, these windows will do the job well.

However, picture windows have a drawback. You can only install these windows in a walkout basement. Any other type of basement structure won’t accommodate them.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windowsDouble Hung Window by ProVia are among the most common window type to exist in people’s homes. However, you rarely find them in people’s basements. There are several benefits to double-hung windows.

First, their locking seal is excellent at sealing out outdoor air. Because of this, these windows become energy-efficient options.

You can also open these windows to allow much more air into the basement than an awning window can provide. However, these windows lack the protective tilting feature that defines awning windows. In this sense, there’s something of a tradeoff between the two.

Double-hung windows are also the best windows for customization. There are so many different trims and colors for these windows. This freedom to customize makes it much easier to match the windows to your décor.

You may be wondering why these windows are so uncommon in basements if they have so many helpful features. If so, you’re very astute!

Double-hung windows have their downsides as well, chief among them being their cost. These are usually the most expensive windows to install in a basement. They also take up a great deal of space, which can be inconvenient if you don’t have much wall space in your basement. Again the drawback. You can only install these windows in a walkout basement. Any other type of basement structure won’t accommodate these windows.

Hopper Windows

ProVia Awning Windows in Laundry Room

Hopper windows are the best choice for basement windows. They provide something of a middle ground between the awning and double-hung windows.

Like awning windows, these options do not take up any significant amount of wall space. However, like double-hung windows, you can open these more widely, allowing more fresh air into the basement than awnings can provide.

You can also add a screen to the exterior of a hopper window to keep bugs out. Lastly, these windows offer an extra benefit; they make excellent escape routes. Because you can slide the window all the way open, they’re perfect for a quiet exit.

Invest in Your Basement Today

Add an entirely different aesthetic to your basement while also providing functionality. If you want to upgrade your windows at home, make sure to include your basement!

As discussed earlier, the best choice for most basements is usually a hopper window. If you live in the St. Louis area, contact us today for a free estimate on window installation costs!