What do you like to do in the tub? Chances are, not have a conversation with your neighbor. If you have bathroom windows, even a small bathroom window, you understand the decision.

Do you want that beautiful, natural light while you’re relaxing in your tub? Or do you want bathroom privacy? It would be best if you didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

If you have bathroom windows and you’re tired of making that decision, it’s time for an upgrade. Keep reading to find the best options for your next bathroom window replacement.

Quality Matters

You may not consider the bathroom the best place for high-quality windows. When you’re replacing windows, it’s better to buy nice than buy twice.

What does that mean?  Invest in quality windows now. Otherwise, you’ll pay more to replace cheaper products when they wear out faster. Two cheap windows and their installation probably cost more than one excellent product.

Good quality windows will provide you with better home security. They should also keep out bad weather and hold in the temperature of your home.

A tight seal will keep your home dry and comfortable. Tightly sealed windows provide security for your home as well.

The Cost of Not Replacing Bathroom Windows

Leaving old or rotten bathroom windows can have expensive consequences. Damaged seams allow water or insects into your home. Water can cause mold, especially in bathrooms where the air is often moist.

Bugs can eat away at insulation or even studs. Termites alone cause homeowners over $5 million of damage each year. A professional window replacement service can help you decide if it’s time to replace your old windows.

Privacy Glass

Windows with privacy glass allow the sun to shine in a while, protecting your privacy. ProVia windows offer hand-painted Inspirations Art Glass in an array of styles. These high-quality designs can be applied to many different replacement window styles, including:

  • Double-hung
  • Slider
  • Picture
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Bay and bow
  • Architectural

All of these are excellent window options. However, casement and awning windows are popular bathroom window replacement styles.

The Inspirations Art Glass collection pieces are truly unique designs. First, a computer creates design outlines. Next, a skilled artisan hand-paints colors.

The partnership between machine precision and personal touch creates a beautiful, high-quality product. Art privacy glass is a great way to get a stained-glass look without the expensive price tag.

Privacy glass eliminates the need for extra window coverings. This is especially helpful in the bathroom, where coverings can easily get wet and damaged.

Tinted Glass

Aeris Casement Windows - Master BathroomTinted windows are another bathroom window privacy option. The amount of light and distance from the windows offer varying degrees of privacy. Homeowners who want additional privacy can choose two panes of privacy glass.

Tinted glass doesn’t just offer privacy. Even a small bathroom window can let in harmful UV rays and extra heat. Tinted windows help reduce UV transmittance and limit solar heat gain.

Tinted glass also reduces glare. This allows you to use those bathroom mirrors any time of day without fighting bright glares.

You can select a tint color option that best fits your space. This can give your room a whole new, unique look. Check out the different styles of glare and their features.


Gray tint gives great glare control. With gray-tinted replacement windows, you don’t have to worry about fading fabrics. You and your interior textiles are protected from harmful UV rays and glare with a gray tint.


Bronze tinted glass gives a warm glow to your interior spaces. Bronze tint provides UV light protection for your space as well. Bronze lets in a lot of visible light for anyone who loves the sun’s glow in their home.

Visually complement any brick or stone design with bronze-tinted window glass.


Green tinted glass is a great way to subdue the brightness in your room. Green tint allows high visible light transmittance as well.

Frost a Small Bathroom Window

Frosted glass is a great fit for bathroom replacement windows. Frosted glass windows allow light but block clear visible views. This type of glass may not allow someone to see everything from the outside.

However, frosted glass does allow visible silhouettes, especially in certain light. Many DIYers online have found sprays to frost their window glass.

If you need replacement windows, spraying bathroom window glass with DIY frost is not your best option. It’s better to invest in a quality product than quick fixes.

The Best Bathroom Window Replacement

Aspect Picture Window with Grids - Master BathroomBathroom windows are a great home feature. They allow natural light to shine in. Unfortunately, even a small bathroom window can give your neighbors an unwelcomed view.

There are several ways to enjoy sunlight and privacy in your home. Art glass provides privacy and unique designs to your home. Art glass is a great way to get a stained glass feel at an affordable cost.

Tinted glass offers UV protection while still letting the light shine in your bathroom. The tinted glass keeps harmful rays from fading interior pieces as well. Adding another pane of tinted glass increases the level of privacy as well.

Time to Call the Pros

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