If you’re planning on renovating your house, considering all your replacement window options can be complicated. There are lots of details to consider.

Considering what type of replacement windows you want throughout your home is an important decision. There are many different shapes and placement options.

Is the sound of sunlight and warmth in your home appealing? If so, consider bay windows. They come with great character.  Keep reading to learn all about bay windows in this helpful guide.

Pros to Installing Bay Windows

First, there are many benefits that bay windows can bring to your home. The most obvious is that they allow additional natural light into your home due. The various angles of each of the three windows provide extended exposure to the sun as it traverses the sky during the day.

Whether you install a kitchen bay window or a living room bay window, it will provide additional space for a breakfast or reading nook. Bay windows can also improve the overall flow of air throughout your home.

Finally, a bay window’s architectural appeal is a classic and elegant touch of character for any kind of building.

Your Bay Windows Guide

Deciding to install a bay window is easier in concept than in reality. It involves many detailed decisions about window size, framing, and placement. Here’s a basic guide to getting you started so you can start making some decisions.

Then, you’ll be one step closer to getting started on building the home of your dreams.

Sizes for Bay Windows

Aeris Bay Window with Hip Style Roof-sub
Aeris Bay Window with Hip Style Roof

There are several standard dimension sizes for bay windows, but they can also be customized to fit whatever height and width you have in mind for your perfect space.

Selecting the right size for your bay window is primarily dependent on your budget. Going with a standard size bay window will be the most cost-effective and will more easily fit into an existing window space if you have a window replacement.

If you have some flexibility to spend more on a custom bay window arrangement, you can alter the space’s size and pick the perfect shape for your windows.

Bay Window Configurations

There are a few basic styles for bay windows that provide a basis to start with before customizing or resizing. Bay windows are a historic architectural addition, so most of the basic framework hasn’t changed much.

Box bay windows are just as they sound. The side windows meet the middle window at a ninety-degree angle, creating a box-shaped section jutting out from the rest of the house.

Circle bay windows also appear just as they sound with a half-circle, almost orb-like window outcropping.

Canted bay windows have that quintessential shape that bay windows are known for. It has a slightly less angled meeting between the side and middle window, and it makes for the perfect spot for a breakfast nook.

Oriel windows are another foundational bay window design. They are the elevated windows that you often see on castle towers and older apartment buildings and homes.

They also often have some kind of engraving or design below the window and are always built off of the ground, partly for this purpose.

There are other window design considerations to consider before drawing up your final idea, so this is just the beginning of creating your perfect window seat.

Where to Put Bay Windows

Aspect Bay Window - Bedroom- subBay windows open up space both inside and outside your home. On the inside, you have more storage and seating availability. On the outside, you have a more expansive view of your yard and a perfect spot for watching any snowfall or sunshine.

The kitchen or the living room are both great places to consider installing a bay window, as they are common gathering spaces that can always benefit from a cozy nook.

If you’re feeling lavish, a bay window in the bedroom is also a dreamy option. Bay windows provide a space for your plant collection to get ample sun or additional storage for your books underneath a bench seat.

No matter who you are or what you plan to do in your new window space, bay windows offer all that much more flexibility to play with.

Designing Around Bay Windows

Plenty of bay window ideas may start simple, but once you start thinking about it more, you may decide you want a larger window, or you want a different shape or angle than you previously thought.

It’s important to consider factors like these that may impact other parts of your home.

If you have a built-in bookshelf or kitchen cabinets on the wall next to your existing window, you may want to consider how a bay window expansion will affect the space.

If you don’t have space for a bay window, you are still attached to that curved window appeal, perhaps considering a bow window instead.

Perfect Bay Window

This bay windows guide is just the beginning of the possibilities a bay window could bring to your home. Regardless of the location, size, or design, a bay window seat is a timeless architectural addition to any room.

If bay windows have caught your interior design attention, don’t go too far. Learn more about the installation and design process to get started.

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