Are you in need of a new sliding patio door?  Planning to add a patio or deck to your home? If you’re looking to enhance your home’s outdoor appeal, a patio is a great addition. It serves as an excellent spot to enjoy the outdoors.

When designing your patio or deck, a sliding patio door is a great way to complete the look. However, did you know that sliding patio doors offer more benefits than aesthetics? Even if you’re not looking for a new patio door, investing in a sliding patio door is worth the advantages it provides.

Please read the rest of our guide as we list the benefits of sliding glass doors.

1. Energy Efficiency

Endure Patio Door with Internal BlindsManufacturers design sliding doors to help keep your indoor air temperature even. If you have a sliding patio door, use double pane glass to keep heat loss at a minimum. To better insulate your home, opt for doors with argon gas between the glass panes.

This is an excellent feature for exterior doors, whether it’s summer or winter. During the summer, it retains the cool air inside your home and keeps the heat out. It does the opposite during colder seasons.

Your sliding door can also have coated or glazed glass. It improves its energy efficiency further while reducing UV ray exposure. Sliding doors can also reduce frost and condensation on the glass.

2. Easier Traffic Flow

Most sliding doors are more oversized by design, allowing foot traffic to flow smoother. This feature makes family get-togethers more convenient since it’s easier to access.

It’s also convenient when moving larger objects into or out of your home. If you’re looking to get new couches, you won’t have to struggle looking for the right angle to squeeze them through.

A sliding patio door can be twice as wide as the average entry door. Depending on your preferences, you can make it wider. You can install up to four panels for these openings, giving you more light and a great view.

3. Safety and Security

Lock on Sliding Patio DoorMillions of Americans get injured in their homes each year. You want to eliminate as many risks as possible. This is crucial if you have children to worry about.

With sliding doors, no one gets accidentally hit. It’s because it’s unlike a swinging door that would slam shut when winds are strong enough. Sliding doors will stay as they are until you move them.

As for security, sliding doors are formidable. You can lock it from the inside, making it difficult to open from the outside. The door has interlocking rails to ensure that no one from the outside can remove them.

For patio doors, you have various options for locking mechanisms. Most will have multi-point locks. They secure both the top and bottom of the doors, ensuring tighter door insulation compression.

Some locks are at the top of the sliding door. You can engage and lock the security bolt into the top door frame. These are also stylish because they come in various colors like white, brown, or beige.

4. Get More Natural Light

Sliding doors allow lots of natural sunlight into the house using their substantial glass panes. During the day, you can reduce the need for artificial lights. It lowers your electric bills and makes your home feel more inviting and welcoming.

To maximize the light entering your room, add sidelights to the door. Add a transom above it to complete the glass wall look. Aside from the morning, you’ll get a spectacular view of the outside landscape.

The best part is that sliding doors have more compact designs. They’re ideal if you want to save space, especially when avoiding common patio door problems. You don’t need to worry about additional swinging space, especially if you have a smaller home.

5. Better Visibility of the Outdoors

Patio Door looking outdoorsWith larger panes, you have a clearer view of your yard. It’s an important feature when you have children. You can watch over your kids whenever they play outside—making it easier for you to respond to emergencies.

Your children will also feel assured since they know you’re close. You also have better visual access to the street. This helps you monitor your security and track suspicious activity in your vicinity.

6. Style and Appearance

Compared to other doors, sliding doors are quieter and need lower maintenance costs. As said above, you have lots of choices for styles and appearances.

Regardless of the type of door you choose, you’re sure to find something that fits your home’s design. Sliding doors are a great and affordable way to add functionality to your home.

7. Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, replacing patio doors with sliding doors makes them happier. Many sliding door manufacturers offer the choice to install a pet insert on doors. It’s easy to do even without professional help, allowing you to finish it within a few hours.

After finishing, your pet will appreciate the easy access. It also primarily benefits pet owners. The need to open your door whenever your cat or dog wants to go to the yard can now be left open. These inserts also come in different sizes, allowing you to find the best one for your pet.

8. Higher Home Value

Exterior Patio DoorWhether it’s replacement windows or sliding doors, these will help add more value to your home. It’s mainly for the latter since they’re a prominent part of your home. When you sell your house to move to a better place, sliding doors can become a primary selling point.

To make the most out of it, install a patio screen door to make your home safer. This allows you to protect your home from insects if you often get mosquitoes in your area.

Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to Sliding Patio Doors 

With all these advantages, you have no reason not to get sliding patio doors. It’s energy-efficient, secure, and stylish. If you’re planning on renovating your home, consider upgrading to sliding patio doors.

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