Do you need replacement windows? If so, you should opt for vinyl double-hung windows. Vinyl windows are a popular option because they have a life expectancy of more than 40 years and offer even more benefits. Double-hung windows are also the most common types of windows used in homes. They have been used for years and can enhance the curb appeal of just about any home.

Even with these benefits, all homeowners should know about the qualities that the best double-hung windows. You’ll also want to look into specific brands, such as ProVia, and finding a window installation company to complete the job.

Here’s more information about the best double-hung windows.

The Features of Double-Hung Windows

In order to understand double-hung windows and why they’re a great choice for your home, you should understand the essential features they offer. Here’s more information.

Standard and Custom

Homeowners have two options: standard or custom vinyl double windows. Standard windows are pre-made in typical sizes. They’re usually stocked and sold by the window manufacturers, stores, window installation companies, and more.

Even if you choose standard windows, you still have other personalization options. This includes the type of glass, finish, and accessories.

Custom windows are ideal if you have specific replacement window needs. You can get your windows made in a variety of sizes, and you have more personalization opportunities.

Color and Finish

Vinyl double-hung windows usually offer different color and finish options. You can choose different colors for the interior and exterior as well as different types of staining in the interior.

Some window installation companies even offer decorative glass designs to make your windows stand out.

Glazing Options

Glazing can range from single-pane to triple-pane. Triple and double-pane windows offer more energy-saving benefits and are ideal for those who plan to stay in their home for years, enhance your privacy, and reduce noise.

Keep in mind, the energy-saving benefits largely depend on the climate you live in. Since St. Louis has both hot and cold weather, double and triple-pane windows are a wonderful option to keep your home comfortable, no matter the weather conditions.

Other glass features you can choose include tinted, tempered, and textured glass. These features enhance your privacy and more. Some window installers may also offer screens and other accessories.

DualTech Satin NickelLocks and Hardware

It would help if you also considered your hardware when picking replacement windows.

Your hardware and locks not only contribute to your window’s functionality and safety but also offer aesthetics.

Whether you prefer chrome or bronze hardware, your window installer likely offers many benefits.

The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

If you’re looking for ventilation, double-hung windows should be your first choice. Double-hung windows are easy to open and close. They open from the bottom — all you have to do is pull the window up to let in fresh air and sunshine. You can also easily close and lock your windows for safety.

Double-hung windows are also easy to maintain. Simple cleaning and lubricating the hardware and tracks is all you need to do to keep your windows in proper shape.

What Home Style Is Best Suited for Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are ideal for many different home types. But what about your home? Most traditional American architectural home styles work well with these windows. Common examples include colonials, Cape Cods, craftsman, Victorian, cottages, ranches, Tudors, and even farmhouses.

There are other ways to use double-hung windows to enhance your curb appeal. Gridlock patterns are always a classic look and are popular among potential homebuyers.

Aspect Double Hung Windows - Living Room

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl windows perform well, and homeowners with vinyl windows have a competitive advantage in the market. But there are other reasons to choose vinyl windows.

  • Weatherability: Vinyl is made to withstand the elements, such as UV light and harsh weather conditions. This is especially beneficial during St. Louis’ sunny summers and snowing winters.
  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl doesn’t have to be sanded, sealed, or painted. They’re also not susceptible to termites, rust, mold, and other types of damage. This not only results in little maintenance but fewer worries.
  • Designed to Perform Well: If you get your windows from a brand such as ProVia, you’ll know the windows are designed to perform well. Their vinyl windows outperform the competition, are designed with the latest industry standards, and they offer the best technology, so you’re making the best window replacement investment.

Why Choose ProVia Windows?

ProVia WindowsProVia windows are becoming more popular, and they offer their products throughout the country. They offer many great lines including Aeris, Aspect, ecoLite, and the most popular choice, Endure.

ProVia windows are all high-quality replacement windows.

Some defining qualities about these vinyl windows include real wood interiors and are the perfect defense against storms.

We recommend a Platinum ProVia window contractor to help you with your double-hung window and installation needs.

Get the Best Double-Hung Windows in St. Louis

10 Year Workmanship GuaranteeIf you need replacement windows, double-hung windows are the way to go. Double-hung windows offer many benefits and customization options. Vinyl is also a high-quality window material with low maintenance, weather protection, and more benefits.

But you should only settle for the best double-hung windows and get a high-quality window installer. You’ll also want to choose vinyl windows from an industry-renowned brand such as ProVia.

Are you based in St. Louis? If so, we’re ProVia window installers that service throughout St. Louis. We also install exterior doors and offer other services. 

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