“Leave the Door Open” may be a great song to listen to on a romantic night out, but it isn’t something you want to live with when it comes to your exterior doors. Is the front door to your house just there to stay closed and keep the bugs out? Your door does all kinds of things for your home. That is why you want to get the best steel entry door for your house.

You can buy all kinds of doors for your house, but the doors growing in popularity for many homeowners are steel entry doors.

Steel door options have increased, and they offer some great options that will benefit your home. Read on to learn more.

Steel Entry Door Curb Appeal

Rustic Bronze- Legacy SteelSteel doors are not the plain steel doors you are used to seeing at an office.  They come in all kinds of styles and colors these days. You can get steel doors with beautiful cut-out glass designs that will instantly increase your house’s curb appeal.

The skins of steel entry doors come in a variety of styles also. You can get a smooth finish with basic designs if that fits your style. You can also add high-definition embossing to your door for a more custom look. Many wood-textured looks can come with a steel door.

These wood looks are so realistic everyone will think you have a custom wooden door from the curb.

Steel Entry Door Benefits

Steel exterior doors have grown in popularity for homeowners because they can be customized in many ways while bringing a host of benefits to the homeowner.

Here are some of the key benefits of a steel door.


Someone may wonder, “What is a steel door?” The door isn’t made of solid steel because that would be too heavy and rip out of the wall!

Most steel doors are two layers of heavy gauge steel. A front layer and a back layer are the skin of the door. Steel entry doors are built incredibly strong and won’t crack or warp based on the weather conditions.

The best steel entry doors are now built with 20 gauge steel instead of 24 gauge steel which brings 49% more steel to the door than before.

This durability and strength will make any entry door last for years. And while these doors come with warranties – typically, if a ding or dent happens to your door, you can usually repair it with an auto body kit from your local auto parts store.

Energy Saving

ProVia Legacy Steel Deep BlueMany people think that a metal door will be a poor protector from the elements. They believe the metal will conduct the heat or cold into the house.

It’s often the case if the doors were solid metal, but a layer of thermal foam fills many steel doors that act as excellent insulation from the elements.

This foam keeps the heat out and the cold out even in extreme temperatures.  The cavity of the steel entry door gives plenty of room for insulation which brings high energy efficiency to your home.


Entry door security is an integral part of your home. You want a door that helps you secure your house.

Home security increases when you add a steel door to your home. Steel doors are difficult for intruders to break through.

Steel doors that come with a steel frame resist attempts for forced entry. This level of resistance will cause would-be thieves to move to a more accessible house.

Steel Entry Doors Comparison

ProVia 460CHP Legacy Steel DoorThe top door material that homeowners replace a front entry door with is a fiberglass door. What is the steel door vs. fiberglass door comparison?

Fiberglass doors mimic different wood grains a little better and can be a little more customizable with glass. Steel doors have grown in their ability to mimic wood and have glass designs built into them.

Fiberglass doors don’t have the struggle wood doors do with cracking, chipping, or warping.  They do very well in humid and extreme climates.

Steel doors, especially 20 gauge steel doors, won’t crack or warp and are the most durable doors available for a homeowner. Both Steel and Fiberglass doors offer excellent energy efficiency. Many of the doors are ENERGY STAR certified. Fiberglass doors are significantly more secure than wood doors, while steel doors are the most secure doors on the market.

Both doors can offer a better price option than wood doors depending on the style and options chosen.

Steel Entry Door Installation

To gain all the actual benefits of a steel exterior door, make sure it’s properly installed. Professional door installers will guarantee that your door is set correctly and will last for years.

Experienced installers also can adjust your frame if it isn’t square. Many homeowners don’t have the experience to do this, which can cause problems with their doors over time.

When you purchase a door from a dealer, they often have the installation as part of the price or a significant discount. Save yourself the time and hassle by getting the door installed by a professional door company.


Is a Steel Entry Door Right for You?

ProVia Legacy Steel Door Your door does so much more than keep the weather outside. It is one of the primary sources of security in protecting your home.

When considering a steel replacement door for your home, you want to consider security, but you also want to look at all the new options steel doors offer to homeowners now.

Steel entry doors have so many more options now that more and more homeowners consider them replacement doors. You can gain top security and have a great-looking door with a steel entry door.

Choosing a new entry door can be a complicated task. Check out our helpful articles and videos designed to empower you as a homeowner to pick the best option for your home. You can contact us for a free onsite estimate so we can look at some options.

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