If windows and doors are the eyes into your home, what do visitors see when they pull in the drive?

If yours are outdated, broken, or in general need of replacement, it doesn’t take long for it to show. Apart from aesthetics, these unfunctional entryways can also make your home less comfortable and energy-efficient, to boot.

The good news? You’ll have plenty of options when you’re ready to install new ones. Rather than sifting through the myriad models to find one that fits your needs, why not go straight to the top?

ProVia doors and windows offer incredible functionality, customized design, and unparalleled quality. Today, we’re sharing a few reasons why these should be a top choice as you undergo your next remodel.

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What is the ProVia Story?

The answer is right within the brand’s name. Standing for “The Professional Way”, ProVia accentuates integrity and exactitude at every turn.

First opened in 1977 in Sugarcreek, Ohio, the family-owned company continues to operate facilities in both Ohio and Mississippi. Here, expert craftspeople create professional-class home construction materials, including:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Residential Siding
  • Stone Products

As proof that the team stands behind its workmanship, every ProVia product comes with a lifetime warranty. Regardless of your need, you’ll find dedication, commitment and an unwavering customer focus with every interaction.

Why Buy ProVia Doors?

ProVia’s exterior door collection features three different models. These include:

  • Entry Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Patio Doors

Rather than installing generic designs, the ProVia team will work with every homeowner to individually customize each door to match his or her needs.

The result? A solution that exceeds the top standards of security, durability, and efficiency. In addition to new construction doors, the shop also offers replacement versions that can restore beauty and function to your home in an instant.

Why Buy ProVia Windows?

ProVia’s window collection features eight different models. These include:

In addition, you can also purchase aluminum storm windows. These are available in double-hung, window sliders, and picture window designs.

Similar to the approach it takes with doors, ProVia also customizes every window installation to meet the individual needs of every homeowner. When it comes to glass styles, you can customize these as well! Your options include:

  • Art Glass
  • Decorative Glass
  • Privacy Glass
  • Window Grids
  • Window Blinds
  • Padlocks

With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

For instance, if you love the look of windows made from real wood but aren’t crazy about the upkeep, the ProVia Aeris Windows line is ideal. Pairing maintenance-free vinyl exteriors with real wood interiors, it’s the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Those working with a stricter budget can consider ProVia’s ecoLite Window Series, which offers five different vinyl styles of economy-class models. Or, the brand’s Aspect Window Series is an affordable and attractive mid-range version.

Shared Benefits of ProVia Products

Across the board, ProVia products excel in many categories. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons to welcome guests into your home with a new ProVia solution, whether you need a new door, window or both!

Energy Efficiency

Broken or outdated windows and doorways can be a major source of air leakage in your home. This is because, over time, the seals and insulation behind their trim can wear away. When this happens, you’re paying to heat and cool air that escapes the second it enters.

Apart from a sky-high utility bill, you’ll notice that it becomes more difficult to stay comfortable all year round. You’re piling on sweaters in the winter and sweating indoors in the summer!

This is where a new ProVia door or window solution can make a world of difference.

All of their models are built to be as secure and energy-efficient as possible. Take the brand’s steel or fiberglass doors, for example. Foam-filled with a thermally-efficient material, these doors are protected by the top weather seals available today.

If you opt for a solution that includes glass, you’ll still enjoy the same level of efficiency. ProVia’s ComforTech™ glazing packages add affordable and attractive functionality. Available in clear, decorative glass or top-tier Inspirations Art Glass, there are designs to meet any aesthetic, available for both doors and windows.

In addition to their doors, ProVia’s ENERGY STAR-certified vinyl windows consistently win awards for marrying efficiency with incredible views. They achieve this functionality through their high-quality frame and sash designs, as well as energy-efficient glazing systems.

Need proof? Remodeling Magazine recognized their “Endure” line as #1 for overall quality in 2019!

The thoughtful features in these windows work to improve overall thermal performance, minimizing heat loss, raising overall glass temperatures and reducing condensation inside of your home.

Gorgeous Stains and Finishes

You could have the most attractive door or window in the world, but if the stain is fading or the paint is chipping, it loses its appeal.

While you might think you can save a few bucks by tackling this step yourself, consider the consequences if your vision doesn’t pan out as planned. To this end, it pays to partner with a brand that provides professional-level staining and finishing.

Expert craftsmen are behind every ProVia stain, completing each project in a controlled factory environment, following a proven multi-step system. The result is a beautiful and consistent finish or paint job that’s built to last.

A sample of the stains available for ProVia Embarq, Signet or Heritage fiberglass doors includes:

  • Cherry and Mahogany Stains
  • Oak Stains
  • Variety of Paint Colors

For windows, you can select from a wide variety of exterior colors, as well as interior stain finishes and interior paint colors!

Unmatched Sustainability

We’ve already touched on the fact that ProVia’s doors and windows are energy-efficient. Yet, how sustainable is the company as a whole?

The answer is in the accolades.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the company’s eco-friendly approach a staggering 12 times. These include:

  • Four awards for Partner of the Year
  • Seven awards for Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence
  • One award for Excellence in Promotion following the launch of its “Sammy the Star” ENERGY STAR Educational Program

Since 2002, engineers at ProVia have worked closely with the EPA to produce door and window solutions that exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. In addition, the company also furthers its sustainability efforts through the following practices:

  • Using Honeywell’s nonflammable Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent to lower emissions and save energy
  • Installing the TriPac Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System on all trucks to conserve fuel
  • Recycling all metals, paper, and glass
  • Using solar energy panels at three facilities
  • Jumpstarting a Pollution Prevention Program to limit solvent usage
  • Leveraging an online ordering system to reduce paper usage

Tech-Savvy Home Design Tools

It can be challenging to visualize how a new door or window will look on your home. Flipping through a catalog is one thing, but being able to see it “installed” on your exterior elevates the shopping experience to another level.

To accommodate this, ProVia offers a user-friendly visualization engine available as a mobile app for both iPad and Windows users. With this tool, users can take a photo of their home, select a ProVia product, fine-tune their design, and see the finished product in minutes.

They can also use the app to view images, browse photo galleries or watch videos that showcase the brand’s doors, windows, siding or stone options. When you’re ready to move to the next step, you can even use the software to contact your local ProVia dealership!

This is a great way to “try before you buy” and make sure that the finished design is one that you adore.

Ready to Buy New ProVia Doors and Windows?

Now that we’ve shared a little more about what makes ProVia doors and windows stand apart from the rest, are you ready to install a few in your own home?

We understand this is an important decision, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

We’ve seen them all, and we’re confident that American-made ProVia products are the best on the market. That’s why we’re proud to be St. Louis’ go-to Authorized Platinum ProVia window and door dealer, as well as a certified ProVia installer.

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