When calculating the cost of new windows in St. Louis, you should be aware that you are saving more than money. Windows affect your carbon footprint more than any other part of your home.

More heating and cooling energy are lost through windows than any other part of your house. This means that not only do your bills go up, but the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house goes up.

If you want to do your part to help combat climate change, switching to energy-efficient windows is the first step. It is one of the single biggest things you can do to help our environment.

If you are considering replacement windows for your home, don’t hesitate. The health of our planet depends on each of us helping where we can.

Energy Generation Impacts the Environment

In the United States, residential cooling accounts for 5% of all energy generated. It ranks higher even than commercial HVAC energy needs.

In order to generate heat, enormous amounts of natural gas and electricity are used in the United States every year. Power plants often burn fossil fuels to generate this energy.

The generation of energy for our homes is among the largest contributors to climate change. Reducing the amount of energy your home requires is critical to reducing your carbon footprint.

While modern energy generation has been switching to green sources, most power plants in the United States are still older designs. Renewable power sources like wind and solar are growing, but are still few in relation to the overall demands.

This means that most power plants still produce incredible amounts of pollution to bring you the electricity you need. While power generation continues to go green, we must all do our part.

Cost of New Windows in St. Louis

The best and newest energy-efficient windows are less expensive than you think. Energy-efficient windows also come in every variety and design that you might need to fit your unique style.

Investing in windows is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. For every $10,000 you put into modern windows, you increase the value of your home by almost as much.

When calculating the cost of any home improvement project, you should consider the long term. You’ll see an immediate and drastic drop in your monthly utility bill after you get replacement windows.

Over the course of just a few years, you may find that the cost of your new replacement windows will be already paid for.

How much to replace windows around your home costs depends on several key factors. The largest of these is the number of windows that you have. The size of your house often determines the number of windows.

The fewer the number of windows, the cheaper it will be to replace them. Choosing the right windows is a matter of balancing cost and impact. Don’t try to figure it out all on your own.

Contact St. Louis Windows and Doors for advice and professional estimates on your project. Free estimates are available to help take the worry out of your replacement windows.

Not Just About the Window

Since windows are such a vital component of energy efficiency, you’ll want professionals who know how to replace windows the proper way. Properly installing replacement windows is a must if you want the maximum benefit of improved energy efficiency.

Gaps form around windows and doors. These gaps are responsible for air escaping. As your house ages, these gaps can become larger and allow in more and more outside air. When this happens, your home is less energy efficient.

Trying to limit the amount of outside air that reaches the inside of your home is all about doors and windows. Having well-insulated walls and doors is necessary to compliment the energy-saving power of your new windows.

At St. Louis Windows and Doors, we use ProVia for both windows and doors. ProVia provides the highest level of quality and performance you can get.

American made and highly rated for both look and energy efficiency, these windows and doors are among the best investments you can make.

Correctly installed ProVia windows and doors will make a huge difference in your energy bills. When your energy consumption goes down, you also help reduce the amount of carbon being dumped into the atmosphere.

Doing Our Part

We offer highly efficient doors and windows because we believe in selling the best product available. The best product for you and the best product for the environment.

We have a history of being the top installers of energy-efficient windows and doors in the St. Louis area. When properly installed by us, your windows and doors will look great and be environmentally friendly.

Every bit that we all do to reduce pollution helps out everyone on the planet. Working together, we can reduce pollution and provide high quality, visually pleasing windows to your home.

Being a ProVia certified dealer and licensed installer means that we are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service and quality.

Excellence, Service, and Environmentally Friendly

With decades of experience in the window and door business, we are here to stay. Our business opened in 2014. St. Louis Windows and Doors brings together the finest team in the region.

We will continue to provide service and quality to our customers. The cost of new windows in St. Louis can be high. Reducing the amount you spend every month helps offset this cost.

Our approach helps us address value and efficiency at once.

As long as we all work to lower our carbon footprint, we can reduce the impact of climate change. If everyone made the choice to replace their windows with new energy-efficient models, it would revolutionize the battle against climate change.

The cost of new windows in St. Louis is but one small price to pay in the continued efforts to save our world. It is one of the biggest and most effective things you can do to help our planet survive. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

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