Is your house needing a little makeover? Maybe you want to add some curb appeal to your home. Certainly, giving your home a little refresher not only looks good but adds to its value too. 

Beyond mowing and trimming the bushes, put out some pots of flowers, what can you do to give your home a boost? How about a new front door? 

Not only is a new front door aesthetically pleasing, it can reduce noise, make your home more secure and also make it more energy-efficient. 

Read on for new front door ideas for your home. 

Front Door Factors

You might be wondering do I need to invest the money in a new front door? Can I spruce it up a bit without buying a new door? 

Consider the age of your door. Do you feel like it seals well and keeps your home temperature steady? Is it sturdy and keeping your home safe and secure?

Maybe you have done other updates and your door no longer jives with the rest of your home’s exterior. You might also consider it’s time for a new front door if you are looking to change the style of your home.

Getting a new front door is a relatively low-cost investment in your home that can give it a real updated look. 

Consider The Style

When looking for a new front door, consider the style of your home. Consider both the exterior of your home and the interior. How will the new door’s style mesh with the inside when the door opens. 

Let’s face it, your front door is making your home’s first impression on the world. 

Consider these possible styles for a new front door:

  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Decorative & Retractable Screens
  • Vinyl Sliding & Hinged

You will be amazed to see how a different style of door can change the look and feel of the front of your house. 

New Door Materials

In addition to style, you also want to carefully consider what materials your front door is made of. 

Door materials will impact its level of security and energy-efficiency. The materials can also impact the style of the door. It might also be a deciding factor whether you should paint the door or not. 

You might also consider whether you want any other materials on your door like glass or other metals. 


Decorative Glass

Glass front doors are another on-trend option to consider. There are a variety of ways you can consider using glass as part of your front door. 

The actual door can be glass. Of course, you want to consider privacy issues related to an all-glass door. Some will choose a glass door and use tinted glass or frosted glass. You can also find many custom front doors made with stained glass. 

Another option to add glass to your door is a small piece of glass at the top of the door. This allows for more privacy but still allows light into your entry. 

Many front doors also come with glass side panels. The panels don’t open like the front door but allow light into your entry. 


Steel Doors

Many modern front doors are made of steel and provide the added protetion and security home owners seek in a new front door. 

Steel front doors are considered a great energy-efficient option. They are also very secure. 

The great news about steel doors is that a variety of styles of doors are made from steel. So you get the smart material choice and many style options too. 


Wood & Glass Doors

Wood offers a look that can be both traditional and modern. Wood, combined with glass there are endless options in style with wood. 

A wood front door is likely stained and treated. There is an endless array of stain colors and options to customize a wood front door. 

Wood front doors can also be very stately. Wood is a rich and elegant option, especially when paired with glass. 

Special Features

Stained GlassBeyond the materials, there are some other special features you might consider when selecting a new front door. 

Many front doors come with side panels made of glass. This can keep your front door secure and offering more privacy and still allow for light and a view out your door. If you choose treated glass, like frosted glass or beveled glass, it can add to the style of your door. 

Some front doors are double doors allowing a bigger opening. Other front door options can do a pivot opening, offering a unique entrance into your home.  Even consider hand-stained glass windows.

Refresh Your Door

ProVia DoorsIf you’re not ready to invest in a new door, there are a variety of ways to spruce up your existing door. Even if it’s not a new door, sometimes a little refresher can go a long way to giving your exterior a new look. 

Consider these options to give your front door a facelift:

  • Paint, either a fresh coat of it or a new color
  • Hardware like knob and lock
  • Change out the address letters on your door
  • Add a kick plate to your door

Also, consider looking around your door for ways to improve the front door area. You might consider adding new lighting or a new fun mat for your front door.

Refresh Your Home With One of These Front Door Ideas

Are you excited to pick out a new front door from one of these front door ideas? It’s a little like a new pair of shoes for your house! 

Not only will the new front door give your house a new look, consider all the other benefits like energy-efficiency and security too. 

Contact us today to get going on your front door. We can help you select the best door for your home and provide you with a free estimate too.

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