Casement windows provide a stylish window option for St. Louis homeowners. These elegant windows swing outward and open with a crank. Made without a center rail, casement windows allow homeowners to see more of the lovely view. If you love the look of casement windows and you’re considering installing them in your St. Louis residence, there’s something you need to know. You have abundant options in casement window design. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different types of casement windows available for your home. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Single Frame Casement Windows

Aspect Casement Windows Great RoomSingle frame casement windows are one of the most popular types of windows in general. They’re installed in many contemporary homes and often considered the standard design for casement windows.

On each window, you’ll find a single frame, as their name suggests. Single frame casement windows are made of glass panels or lights that are contained in a single frame. Aluminum strips on the window next to the lights move them.

With a single frame casement window, homeowners have the choice of having their window open from the inside or from the outside. These types of casement windows are simple to open and close. And they look stylish in many homes.

Double Frame Casement Windows

Double casement windows are comprised of two or more windows. They swing out and meet in the center of the window. These types of casement windows are hinged together by the sides.

Originally named French casement windows, the double casement windows are constructed from two panels and are easy to operate. Opening and closing them are a breeze. These stylish windows look great with an array of architectural designs from colonial to Victorian to modern home types.

French Casement Windows

Timeless and contemporary, French casement windows mirror the look of a French door. They come with two sashes that extend to open wide from the center. of the window. The panels operate with a crank. They don’t contain a post in the frame.

Both sides open at the same time using a crank. This lets in the sunshine and the fresh air while you enjoy gazing at the natural environment.

Locking both sashes securely is a breeze with the convenient handle. With hinges on both sides, French casement windows provide an easy, refined option for the contemporary home.

Push Out Casement Windows

Endure Casement Window BathroomA quick push and a swift turn of the handle operate these crankless casement windows. Most of the windows feature simple hardware.

Available in modern and traditional design styles, they coordinate with any home architecture and decor

Some of the styles include wide wooden frames. Open the window as wide as you like with the historical stay.

On the other hand, you may opt for a casement window with a narrow frame to coordinate with the contemporary interior design style.

Push Out French Casement Windows

Push Out French casement windows operate from the center. The sashes and coordinating handles open smoothly and easily. No need to struggle to let in the fresh air.

These types of windows feature historical stays and traditional style wooden sash frames. They open as wide or narrow as you like. Open them a few inches to invite in a little air or at their complete width for the air to circulate the room.

They’re both elegant and simple to open and close. And they offer an attractive and easy window option for homeowners.

Picture Window with Casement Flankers

Aeris Picture Casemet WindowsWhen you have a picturesque view outside, a picture window is an excellent choice for a window. They invite in lots of natural light. Picture windows with casement flankers provide an elegant look.

They ventilate your home and flank the sides of the larger window while you admire the view. A picture window with casement flankers is a beautiful upgrade.

Install it behind the ledge in a living room, sitting area, or anywhere in the home, you want to bring in the air and light while you feel the breeze. They also work splendidly as accent windows. Let the sunshine in!

In-swing Casement Windows

In-swing casement windows provide a great functional window choice when a swing-out sash would hit an object on the exterior of the window. Some of the objects could include bushes, statues, flowerboxes, or any object outside close to the window.

This kind of casement window swings into the room, instead of swinging out. They’re easy to open or close. Just turn the handle, pull, and you’re set.

In-Swing French Casement Window

Similar to an in-swing casement window, in-swing French casement windows open into the room. They combine the ease of protecting objects located near the window’s exterior that a swing-out sash would hit.

They operate with a handle instead of a crank. The difference is the sophisticated style you get with a French casement window.

Part function, part beauty, the in-swing French casement window that offers a wide unobstructed view truly inspires.

The Takeaway on the Types of Casement Windows

As you can see, the types of casement windows are plentiful. They’re manufactured with single and double frames and can open inward or outward easily, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Casement windows provide a stylish window solution for contemporary or historical St. Louis homes.

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