Have you ever wondered why even with your air conditioner on, your home still feels warm? Or during winter, even with the furnace on full-blast, you still feel chilly in some areas around the house?

The answer isn’t Casper, by the way.

Your inefficient windows likely cause these indoor temperature issues. After all, low-performance windows could be ten times less energy efficient than walls.

Also, they could be letting as much as 30% of conditioned air exit through them!  So if your windows are showing signs of disrepair, it may be time to get replacement ProVia windows.

The question is, what exactly do ProVia windows have to offer? How can they help boost your home’s energy-efficiency and comfort levels?  All these, we will address in this ProVia window guide.

ProVia: The Trusted Name behind the best in Replacement Windows & Doors

ProVia was founded in 1977 and offers an extensive collection of windows and doors, which is why we’re proud to offer them to our valued customers.

As an American window manufacturer, nested in Sugarcreek, Ohio, ProVia is in the heart of the nations largest Amish population. Provia is built on a reputation for manufacturing quality, old-world, artfully-crafted, highly efficient replacement windows and doors.

Today, ProVia continues to be a mainstay in U.S. homes and is a company whose core values helped build one of the most successful windows and doors companies in America.  STL Windows and Doors is proud to carry ProVia windows and doors.

ProVia window replacement

Numerous Window Style Options to Choose From

They offer some of the best window styles in St. Louis, including:

  • Double Hung – easy to open with effortless operation. A favorite for St. Louisians.
  • Slider – For durable and friction-resistant sash rollers, using DualTech™ hardware.
  • Casement – Washability hinge provides easy access to cleaning, inside and outside.
  • Awning – Vent where you need it most with its versatility.
  • Picture – Bring the beauty of natural light into any room with a picture window.
  • Shapes – Add additional light and complement with this distinctive window style.
  • Garden – A long-standing favorite if you like extra light and space for foliage and herbs.
  • Bay & Bow – When beauty and aesthetics matter most, think bay and bow.

And if you prefer a more non-standard shape, you can also get your windows customized. ProVia even offers window glass options like hand-stained glass, internal grids, privacy glass, window blinds, decorative glass, SDL’s (Simulated grids) and even ComfortTech™ (reduce energy loss).  

Whatever type, style, shape, or size you prefer, as a Platinum ProVia dealer, proudly serving St. Louis homeowners, we will come to your home and show you ProVia’s full window line.

Get started with requesting a free in-home estimate.

Featured and Limited Colors to satisfy every home

ProVia window color choices

Did you know that ProVia aluminum storm window colors have an oven-baked finish and backed by a lifetime limited warranty for lasting beauty and low maintenance? It is true.  And Provia Endure window finishes offer beautiful woodgrain interior and exterior colors. We can’t wait for you to see them firsthand.

Speaking of ProVia Endure window colors, you can even upgrade to a painted exterior color. Talk about adding excellent curb appeal; you can choose from 1 of 17 standard ProVia paint colors, or use your imagination and pick a color of your choice.

Their factory-applied paint finishes maintain long-lasting color due to their exceptional UV and heat-reflective properties. Translated, that means you do not have to worry about peeling, flaking, or even blistering. That’s good news!

Windows that Combine Aesthetics with Durability

Endure windows feature both wood and maintenance-free vinyl materials. The interior side consists of real wood, while vinyl makes up the exterior side. Together, they allow for both beauty, durability, and energy-efficient performance.

Moreover, the wood interiors give you the chance to customize your windows. You can easily stain, sand, paint, or re-stain your windows as you wish.

Whereas the vinyl exterior ensures your windows can withstand external factors. For starters, imagine how the suns damaging UV rays can warp aluminum and fade wood. ProVia vinyl windows for St. Louis homes are strong enough to resist these UV rays.

Provia windows for kitchens

Better Protection from Severe Weather

Energy Star Partner of the Year
ProVia has received the ENERGY STAR® award 10 times by the U.S. Department of Energy & U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

As amazing and beautiful as St. Louis, MO is, it gets its fair share of really bad weather events. One reason it’s crucial to equip your home with super sturdy, weather-protection windows.

Storm windows are a great option, with their heavy-duty extruded aluminum components. Aside from protecting your home from inclement weather, they also help reduce noise. ProVia also manufactures some of the best storm doors based on consumer reports.

Storm-protective windows are both functional and aesthetic and come in 16 colors, unlike other storm windows that sacrifice aesthetics. Plus, they are a type of Low-E glass windows, which makes them energy-efficient.

Imagine this. Over 800,000 homes every year have storm windows installed!  Storm windows are popular in St. Louis homes.

Maximum Energy-Efficiency that Saves You Money

The ProVia company has developed a reputation within the industry for its window products. They deliver on a very high degree of customization and combine outstanding quality and energy efficiency, helping homeowners save big on their utility bills.

The main reason for this is that ProVia uses optimum levels of technology to make a window that will continually work at peak performance. High-performance ENERGY STAR certified vinyl windows from ProVia use much less energy to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If your St. Louis home has a lot more windows than the average house, then you could save even more!

Of all ProVia windows though, the Endure product line is the most energy-efficient, and a customer-favorite. 

The Endure window series meet all the requirements that make them high-performance, Energy Star-rated windows. Plus, they look stunning in any room you want to have them installed.

ProVia Windows

ProVia Windows Provide Year-Round Comfort

Install ProVia windows and see an energy reduction in your house.  ProVia replacement windows will make your home comfy!

For instance, in the summer, ProVia energy-efficient windows help block heat from the sun. Their extra layer of protection makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool down your home. So, even with St. Louis’ toasty, scorching summers, you and your family can stay super comfortable.

Homeowners with ProVia windows love their St. Louis winter nights as they help keep the warm air from your heater inside your home, where it belongs! As a result of their efficiency, you and your loved ones do not have to worry about getting cold. Your furnace or boiler won’t have to work extra hard to keep your home warm, saving you even more from those unexpected HVAC service calls.

Invest in ProVia Replacement Windows Now for a More Energy-Efficient Home

When deciding on what window manufacturer you will invest in, there is much to love about ProVia windows, from their beauty to all the options and even their performance.

If you want the best in value, American-made windows, we encourage you to consider ProVia windows.

You will discover the most variety of designs and styles to meet your specific needs. Invest in energy-efficient windows and make your home a greener abode. That sounds good!

Are you ready to see (and feel) the difference that ProVia windows offer? Request your free estimate now! We look forward to meeting you.

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