This is the moment; you bought the house, moved in, and you’re settled. Now what?

As you ditch your last boxes and go to rest your beloved plant on the kitchen windowsill, you stop and realize: Wait, this window has no windowsill. I have nowhere to put my plants. 

Then it hits you: I need a garden window.

We feel you. The home buying process involves planning for certain replacements. On that list, window replacements rank high.

Maybe windows were on your list for years from now, but you can’t anticipate the moments that show you when it’s time. Consider this to be one of those moments.

There’s nothing like a move-in process to reveal to you what you value. What you learn may even surprise you.

What Is a Garden Window, Exactly?

Garden windows extend outward into the yard with a slanted glass roof. The surrounding panes fill out in the shape of a box to look like it’s hanging in mid-air from the outside. Hello, curb appeal.

Garden windows are similar to bay windows, although they’re smaller and usually live in the kitchen. Whereas bay windows are tri-panel windows, sometimes with a connected seating bench, garden windows remain a quaint, elevated space for decorations, knick-knacks, photos, and plants in the backside of the home.

Garden Window

How to Know If a Garden Window Is Right for You

Garden windows remain a blind spot for homeowners. Often, they’re pegged only for the green thumb community as a home for plants, when in reality, their charm is universal. While garden windows certainly serve the gardeners, their function surpasses this demographic.

If you value any of the following, a garden window may be an expedited order on your home-owning “to-do” list:

  • Natural light in the home
  • Housing plants and herbs indoors
  • Cooking with your garden produce
  • Better views of your yard, animals, and kids
  • More space for photos and home decor
  • A rustic greenhouse aesthetic
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Fresh air
  • More space and dimension to the kitchen
  • Increasing the value of the home

Among this list of garden window perks are both desires and necessities. When it comes to home replacements and remodels, however, we feel that wants and needs hold equal weight.

In other words, many people structure their homeowning “to-do” list with “have-tos” at the top and “want-tos” at the bottom. Few people know that these two are one and the same.

Wanting a garden window for “looks” or honoring your “dream home vision” is just as important as installing it for its energy-efficient function.

No matter your garden window motivation, we’re grateful it led you to us.

Garden Window

How We Install Garden Windows

As proud Missouri-based window installers serving Saint Louis, Saint Charles, Jefferson, Franklin and Lincoln Counties, we’re here to fulfill your garden window wants and needs.

Our specialized team uses ProVia Platinum windows to ensure a beautiful, durable and energy-efficient product. We’re here to demystify ideas around “fashion over function and function over fashion.” It does not have to be one or the other; we can give you both.

We’re not here to take your business, but to earn it. With our A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation and top ratings with Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, we prioritize customer experience before, during and after your garden window installation.

We want you to feel comfortable with your windows and the team behind them. As a family-run business, we bring a sense of “home” to every house.

Why Your Installers Matter

Even if you’ve chosen the top-quality garden window for your home, poor installations and contracting jobs can ruin your relationship to all home remodels. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We know the second we walk in the door, we influence your greater homeowning experience.

While perfectionism is challenged in society, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is our standard and expectation. Anything less means there’s room to grow and we won’t settle for it.

BBB ratings are based on the following:

  • Complaint history with the business
  • Time in business
  • Transparent business practices
  • Honoring commitments
  • Licensing and governing actions
  • Advertising actions and other criteria

It’s important to us that our customers understand our commitment to pristine ratings for a couple of reasons. If customers use ratings to inform their window installers, we want them to know what it really means to have an A+ rating and therefore, what it means not to have one.

The second reason for our transparency is that we know coming into your home is a big deal. We’re here to help transform your homeowning experience by turning your old, foggy kitchen window into a clean, dreamy Alice-in-Wonderlandian garden window.

So How Much Is a Garden Window, Anyway?

By now, if you’ve done your research, you likely know that the cost of garden windows is entirely dependent on your preferences. This is good news! You have control and we want you to be thrilled with your decision.

From size, shape, style, frame, and color, that’s exactly why we’re here. We offer free, no-obligation estimates to consult with you about your garden window vision according to your desires and budget.

Let Us Show You

Our quotes help you plant the garden window seed for when the time is right. With our installation team, it’s likely sooner than you think.

Schedule your free estimate so we can infuse that garden window energy into your home.

It only makes sense to choose the local option to help your house become a home. If you’re in the area, introduce yourself! We’re excited to meet you.

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