If you’re trying to figure out ways to spruce up your home, you might consider a double hung window design.

It’s helpful to know a few things about these aesthetically pleasing windows. The look of your windows reflects your style and can improve the look of your home. The right window can also change the way your home feels inside and out.

However, not all windows are the same. Read on to learn more about double hung windows.

What Is a Double Hung Window?

There are distinct differences between single hung and double hung windows. Nearly everyone has lived in a home with a single hung window. It’s the window where only one sash pops out.

As its name implies, both sashes pop out of a double hung window. Double hung windows solve many of the problems that you’ll find with single hung windows. For instance, single hung windows overlap with the other sash.

This characteristic makes them difficult to clean. It also poses a security risk and limits the air circulation in your home.

Double hung windows are more efficient because they have airtight seals. They’re also weather-resistant and easier to clean.

Additionally, they’re more secure because they have double locks. Double hung windows also make your home more comfortable because they provide more air circulation. Finally, they’ll add a beautiful touch to your home.

Builders often use single hung windows because they’re cost-effective. It’s also easier to assemble many single hung windows during construction. Double hung windows, however, can take your home to the next level in appearance.

Single hung windows are technologically outdated. They cost less upfront but will cost you more in the long run. If you want the full benefits of energy efficiency, you should seriously consider an upgrade to double hung windows.

ProVia Double Hung Window

Double Hung Windows vs Single Hung Windows?

It’s helpful to know a little bit about window terminology. The term double hung applies to the number of working sashes. Panes are the glass squares in a window.

Both double hung and single hung windows have an upper and lower sash. They separate the window visually and physically.

Because of this, they share many of the same design features. From a distance, the two windows may look the same. However, they are far from alike.

As you consider new windows for your home, you need to think about several things. Understanding the difference between these two window types can help you to decide.

The big difference between the two window types is the upper sash. The top sash in a single hung window is stationary. With a double sash window, the sash is operable.

This capability means that you can open both sashes to let fresh air in the bottom and release warm air out the top. Double sash windows are also easier to clean.

Also, you can tilt a double sash window so that you can wash both sides of the panes. This ability is especially beneficial for cleaning second-floor windows.

Double Hung vs Casement Windows

Casement vs Double Hung Windows

A casement window is another familiar window type. They’ve been around for a long time. However, you’ll rarely see a home with all casement windows.

Casement windows have a crank that you use to open and close it. The crank enables you to open the window with one hand. Typically, casement windows open outward past the structure of your house.

Many people install a casement window over the kitchen sink. It’s easier to crank a casement window open than it is to lean over a sink to open a window.

Double hung windows are flexible and work well in many rooms and with many home types. They’re ideal for historic homes, or if you just want a historic look.

A double hung window can also hold an air conditioner. You cannot install an air conditioner in a casement window, however.

Double windows are also more reliable because they have fewer moving parts. Because of this characteristic, they’re less likely to fail.

Casement windows get exposed to precipitation and wind when you open them. Double hung windows don’t receive as much exposure.

Over time, casement windows take a beating. Because of this, double hung windows typically last longer than casement windows.

Which Double Hung Sash Windows Are Best for Your Home?

ProVia Double Hung WindowBefore you invest in new windows, there are many features for you to consider. You may need to consider everything from the material of the window to the features that are common to your area.

Your sense of style will also influence your final selection. Also, you’ll have to think about how many windows you’ll need for your house.

Single hung windows were popular for a long time, especially for new houses. Now, however, more people recognize the benefits of double hung windows.

Choosing a Double Hung Window Installer

You could choose the most beautiful windows available, but a double hung window won’t look as good as it should if your contractor doesn’t install it properly. Also, you won’t realize the same energy savings with improperly installed windows.

In addition to choosing great windows, make sure that you hire a great window installer. Ask the contractor if they’re certified to install the windows that you want.

Also, ask around. Your friends and family members can tell you firsthand about their experience with local window installers. An expert window installer will walk you through the entire process and make choosing your new windows that much easier.

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