Replacing the windows in your home isn’t something you think about until the cold winter winds start to make their way in. Yet, it’s a home refurbishment task that can bring an ROI of up to 85%.

Before you go ripping out your old panes, first find out the basics about home window replacement that every St. Louis homeowner needs to know.

Cost-Effective Home Window Replacement

New home windows might yield a good ROI but replacing them is still a costly exercise. By far the most affordable way to do it is to install replacement windows.

As long as your existing sills and frames are in good condition, replacement units are all you need. These ‘pocket replacements’ will save you money on labor and materials.

Pocket installation means the installers remove only the sash of the old window. The new window slides into the existing frame. You’re limited to choosing a window that’s the same size as the existing opening if you go with this method.

If your frames and sills are no good, you’ll have to go the whole hog with full replacement windows. These do cost more, but you’re assured of brand new jambs, nailing flanges, frames, and sills that should last around 25 years.

During a full-frame installation, installers will remove the entire window. They’ll put a new frame, insulation, and trim in place as well as new windowpanes. In some cases, they can change the shape of the opening to accommodate a larger or smaller window.

Although federal tax credits for Energy Star certified windows are no longer in effect, you may still get city and state rebates for installing energy-efficient windows.

Besides, energy-efficient windows save you money on heating and cooling your home.

The Best Materials for Your House Windows

Modern homeowners have a huge range of choices when it comes to their home windows. These include different kinds of frames, windowpanes, and window styles.

Types of Window Frames

There are five main types of window frames available as follows:


Wood frames offer unmatched beauty, durability, and efficiency. You can stain or paint them to suit the design of any home.

Yet, they do require considerable maintenance in the form of regular dusting, cleaning and checking for damage. Often, manufacturers coat the outside of wooden frames with vinyl or aluminum to protect them from the elements.

Vinyl or Composite

Vinyl or PVC window frames are the most affordable option on the market. They’re also durable and don’t fade, so you’ll never have to repaint them.

Unfortunately, Vinyl windows are usually white, so they don’t match the design of every house.


Aluminum is a popular architectural feature and easily accessible. It offers great durability and longevity.


Fiberglass hasn’t really taken off yet, but it does offer good durability. It’s made from fiberglass embedded in plastic, so it’s another low-maintenance, durable option.

Window Styles

You also have a choice about the hinge-action of your windows, the amount of ventilation they can offer, and how they operate. These are the different kinds:

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Configurations

Double Hung windows are the most common style of window available. They’re popular because of their functionality and practicality.

Casement Windows

CAsement & Awning Configurations

Casement windows suit a number of settings within the home. These windows open from side to side, either inwards or outwards.


Architectural Window Configurations

Architectural shape windows will give your home the freedom to express your style. 

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Window Configurations

Bay or bow windows are an attractive option bringing beauty and style to any room. Usually, bay windows have three large windows protruding outward from the walls in a half-hexagonal shape. Bow windows have four or five separate panels, extending outward in a more rounded curve.

Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are a variation of the casement window, except they open inwards from the top of the window. These windows have a horizontal placement.

Garden Windows


Garden windows are an excellent option to bring copious amounts of natural light into yoru home, particularly in your kitchen.

Slider Windows

Slider Window Configurations

Sliding windows come in two- or three-panel options. Their main aim is providing ventilation and they’re excellent for smaller rooms.

Picture Windows

ProVia Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open. They’re intended to frame the beautiful views outside your house. These kinds of windows work well with high ceilings.

Window Panes

Window PanesRegardless of which style of window you decide on, you have a choice of panes to install too. These are double, triple, and quadruple panes.

Double panes are the most common type found in the USA. The double-pane ensures the window stays in place and the seal in between them prevents energy loss.

Triple panes offer additional insulation. As these windowpanes become more popular, they’re becoming more affordable too.

Quadruple pane windows are the most expensive option available. However, they offer maximum efficiency, insulation, and strength.

High-end brands, like Provia, give you the option of hand-painted stained glass designs to add a unique appeal to your windows.

Finding the Best Window Installer

After you’ve gone to all the trouble of researching the ultimate home window replacement solution, it’s important to get an experienced installer on the job.

Even the best windows can’t do their job effectively if they’re installed incorrectly. STL Windows and Doors is a family-run business with decades of experience in window installations. We’re certified dealers and suppliers of top-quality American-made Provia Windows.

Get in touch for a free estimate and to arrange a window installation that meets all your expectations.

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