Do you have a patio at home? Are you looking to replace your old patio door with better ones? If you are hesitant with the move, you need to realize that new patio doors do come with benefits.

A new patio door can help increase your home’s curb and resale value. It can also help cut down your energy consumption.

With Americans spending over thousands of dollars on home improvements annually, you need to make sure you are getting the perfect door for your patio.

How do you pick a new patio door? How can you ensure you are getting the best value for your money?

Check out our comprehensive guide that will help you pick the right one.

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Replacing your old patio door is not as easy as it seems. Similar to replacing windows, there are several factors to consider. Some elements could make or break your purchase.

Let’s take a look at seven of the most important tips for buying new patio doors.

Start with Your Budget

Before you go searching for different patio doors, you must first come up with a budget. You should stick to a budget and find patio doors that you can afford instead of aiming for materials that cost more than needed.

Sometimes, homeowners tend to overlook their budget and spend beyond. Hence, they find themselves ending in a deeper debt hole.

But when you have a budget that you will strictly follow, you can trim down your options and save a lot of money and time. You can install the replacement door faster. You can also determine if you can afford to add a few upgrades.

Know What You Want

After setting up a budget, you should determine what you truly want in a patio door. This is where your preferences in design and style come into play.

You need to have a vision of the finished project. There are several questions you need to answer. First, what is your main objective for replacing your patio door?

Think about the accessibility and functionality of the door. Will your family and friends have a hard time opening and closing the door?

How about the colors and finish? What kind of glass patterns and hardware do you prefer?

Sometimes, you may need to strike a balance between what you want and what will work for your home. If you live in a home that has little space surrounding the patio, then a sliding patio door will work best.

If you are looking for a more traditional appeal, then a hinged patio door is your best bet. The swinging action of this door will give you that old-school feel.

In case you prefer something modern or something that offers breathtaking views, then a bi-parting door will suit you best.

Also, consider the type of material. Do you want vinyl or do you want something made from expensive glass and high-end wood? Take time to consider the type of material because it affects durability, aesthetic, and budget.

So think about your design preferences. List them all down before starting your search. If you can, you may draw your ideas on a piece of paper.

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How Does It Fit?

Your patio is an extension that aims to improve outdoor living. Thus, you need to consider how your replacement door fits into your outdoor living space.

Examine your outdoor living space and see how it looks like. If you have a small patio, go for an inswing hinged door. A sliding patio door will also work.

Avoid those outswing patio doors. These doors will only eat up space on your patio. However, they will work perfectly if your patio has a roof overhang and if there is much interior room space.

A bi-parting door will further enhance your patio if you have excellent views. This type of door allows unobstructed views of the mountains, gardens, and even your indoor swimming pool.

Furthermore, the door allows natural light to come inside your house. This means you will likely use less electricity on your patio when it comes to lighting.

Decide on the Material

ProVia Patio DoorsAnother crucial factor is the type of materials you want for your patio door. You need to know the different materials manufacturers use in patio doors. There are four types of materials: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Wood patio doors offer a more traditional vibe. It is also flexible when it comes to customization. You can apply any kind of paint or stain color that you prefer.

Despite the elegance and beauty they offer, wood patio doors do come with some drawbacks. First, it is more expensive compared to other types of patio doors. It is also high-maintenance.

This means you will have to stay on top when it comes to its upkeep. You should also keep it away from moisture to avoid warping. Sunlight can also cause the door to fade.

Vinyl doors, on the other hand, are the most common choice for new construction. They are also the most affordable. They require low maintenance and can serve you for several years.

The downside is that they tend to crack. This happens during extreme shifts in temperature.

Meanwhile, fiberglass doors are one of the toughest. They can withstand outdoor elements. The downside comes in the price tag as it is the most expensive among patio doors.

Lastly, aluminum patio doors are perfect for people on a tight budget. But because of their thin construction, they poorly regulate indoor temperature. They also tend to scratch easily.

Mind the Upgrades

Next, you need to consider the possible upgrades that you want to incorporate on the door. Upgrades allow you to showcase your design and style preferences. The ability to customize and upgrade also improves your patio experience.

There are several custom upgrades you can apply to your patio door. You can choose the grid styles that you want. Some of the most popular styles are the diamond, perimeter, and colonial.

Another is you construct the blinds between the door’s glass. You can also add a patio screen door. This screen door is a sliding type that helps keep insects and elements outside.

You can also upgrade the hardware of your door. You can choose from the likes of nickel, dark bronze, and polished brass to name a few.

Last but not least, you can express your color preferences by playing with different paint options. You can choose to mix and match colors for your door’s interior and exterior portions. You can also pick colors that will complement your exterior siding or other rooms in the house.

Energy Efficiency a Must

With the rising electricity prices and the challenge of climate change, energy efficiency is paramount. Thus, you should pick a patio door that is energy efficient.

Among the types of doors discussed earlier, wood and vinyl patio doors offer the most in terms of energy efficiency. You should also look into the type of glass. The key is to avoid glass packages that come with terms like “inert gas-filled insulated glass” and “Low-E, ENERGY STAR rating.”

Instead, you want to stick products that come with ENERGY STAR certification. This means that the glass passed the criteria of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The element in play is the U-factor. This signifies how much non-solar heat can flow through the glass. The lower the U-factor number, the more energy-efficient the glass is.

A Reputable Source

Last but not least, you need to pick the right sources for your patio door. With so many home improvement companies out there, you shouldn’t always go for the cheapest one. You need to look at their track record.

Go for a patio installer that comes with several years of experience. Typically, these companies come with all the certifications you are looking for. They also work with the latest tools that help ensure the success of their installation.

Furthermore, you should check how they treat their customers. Do they answer your inquiries respectfully? Are they friendly yet professional?

Additionally, you should find out what their clients say about them. Go through different forums and get a feel of what the public says about them. Are the clients generally happy in the feedback?

Does the company receive numerous complaints with their output?

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Get the Door Your Patio Deserves

Finding the right patio door requires a combination of a lot of things. You need to do your research and prepare financially. You should also find a provider who can translate your ideas into their output.

We invite you to check our comprehensive gallery of quality patio doors. We offer doors from different materials, colors, and textures.

Shoot us a message if you have any questions. Request a free estimate and let us know what you need. Let’s give your patio the door it deserves today!

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