Are you searching for replacement windows for your home? ProVia vinyl windows will change the way you look at your home. No matter the reason or the season, replacing your old windows can increase your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are giving your exterior a facelift or repairing broken panes, ProVia vinyl windows can help you get the job done!

ProVia’s energy-saving windows are among the best in the world. The entire product line has evolved so that now there is something for every budget.

We offer many ProVia styles and colors to suit any taste in decor. Check out this 2021 ProVia product guide to learn more.

About ProVia Vinyl Windows

Double Hung Windows Exterior NightfallProVia was founded in 1977 in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its product lines while maintaining the best quality standards.

ProVia is proud to be from an area where craftsmanship is a prized art form. ProVia’s products are made with procedures that integrate state-of-the-art technology and high levels of skill.

You can see old-world craftsmanship in all ProVia product lines, many of which are available in multiple styles. ProVia is the recipient of numerous Energy Star ratings and stands by its products with a lifetime warranty.

Provia Replacement Window Styles

Here is a list of ProVia’s Replacement Window Styles. These styles are popular for remodeling as well as new home installations.

Double Hung:

Open Double Hung WindowsDouble-hung windows slide open from the top and bottom. By contrast, single-hung windows slide open only from the bottom. Double-hung windows are easier to clean and are a popular choice for homeowners who want to control the direction of ventilation.

Casement & Awning:

Casement windows open out instead of sliding up and down. Awning windows swing up and out, which creates an awning effect. They cover the window and prevent rain from entering while allowing fresh air into a room. Both casement & awning windows can be paired with other window types, such as large picture windows. They increase functionality and are aesthetically appealing.


Slider windows are typically not as tall as they are wide. They move on a track that keeps them aligned. Slider windows are double-hung windows positioned sideways.

Bay & Bow:

Like garden windows, bay and bow windows hang on the outside of a home. They are popular options for green thumbs who like to use an extended window sill for their plants. Bay windows have three sections, while bow windows sometimes have up to five. Bow windows curve in a steady arc, while bay windows are angled.


Picture Window by ProViaPicture windows are made with large panes of glass that do not move as they are designed to provide an unobstructed view of the outside. Although they do not contain moving parts other than the locking mechanisms, they can be combined with other window types that do open.


Garden windows are boxes made of glass, and they hang outside to catch the sun. They have solid windowsill bottoms but allow light to enter from all sides and overhead. Homeowners like to fill them with plants since they function like mini-greenhouses. Some garden windows have casement openings on each end to allow air circulation.


Often custom-designed, architectural windows are made to fit in with a home’s existing exterior finish. They are usually found in historic houses where the windows had to be replaced.


Hopper windows are the exact opposite of awning windows. They open down and inwards instead of up and out. When installed, they look like upside-down awning windows. Hopper windows are often long and narrow but can come in any size.

Provia Replacement Window Models

Slider Window 1ProVia replacement windows come in multiple styles. Replacement windows are typically purchased to help reduce energy costs and revamp interior design.

The most popular line is the Endure line, which is available in double-hung, slider, bay, and other styles. It is one of the best energy-efficient windows on the market today. ProVia glass options include custom decorated art glass, decorative grid glass, and privacy glass.

ProVia’s Aeris series is wood-finished for interior beauty, with a vinyl exterior. We are giving customers the best of both traditional woodworking and a state-of-the-art vinyl finish.

The ProVia Aspect line is known for its durability and energy-saving design. It is designed to help stabilize internal temperatures and lower energy bills.

ProVia’s EcoLite series is another energy-efficient design. Like the Aspect line, it is EnergyStar rated. It comes with options like privacy glass and interior grids and is one of the best economy-class windows on the market.

Window Styles and Colors

ProVia offers several helpful design tools on its website. The ProVia app and Visualizer help designers and homeowners select window styles by trying them out virtually. They allow users to try out different window colors and experiment with placement and lighting.

There is also a tool for combining and comparing color designs, including seventeen standard color offerings. Users can mix and match different color palettes and try them out before making a final decision.

ProVia always has the most popular color trends available. They want to satisfy the most sophisticated design eye. All available colors can be viewed in ProVia Color Lookbook.

Hire a Dealer to Install Your ProVia Windows

ProVia vinyl windows are one of the best window brands available on the market. To install them on your home, hire a dealer to do the work for you.

STL Windows & Doors is a Certified ProVia dealer and Installer with a Platinum rating.  All our work comes with a 10-Year Workmanship Warranty. We also offer a Free No-Obligation In-Home Estimate.

We operate in the greater St. Louis area and would love to help you with your design goals. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your upcoming design work. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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