If you need a new steel door for your St. Louis home, there are a few things you should know before making your selection. It would be best if you had a tough entry door. It must withstand rain, snow, and the blazing hot sun.

It must also keep your home safe from intruders. At the same time, you want an aesthetically, pleasing front door.

That’s a lot to ask of a door. Nevertheless, steel doors are up for the task.

For a complete guide to replacing steel doors for homeowners, read on.

Benefits of Steel Doors

Carmen - Legacy Steel DoorIf you’re in the market for steel doors, you want the best steel entry doors for your home. Compared to wood doors, steel doors usually have more insulation. Many steel doors are even Energy Star qualified.

The US Department of Environmental Protection and the US Department of Energy sponsors the Energy Star program. Under the Energy Star program, the agencies test and certify various products and appliances.

Energy Star certified steel entry doors for a home typically have tighter-fitting frames. They also have energy-efficient cores.

Some steel doors even have double or triple insulating glass panes. The layered panes reduce heat transfer.

Features such as glass panes are attractive. However, they also add to the cost. Nevertheless, many homeowners are willing to pay for this attractive feature.

However, if you choose a steel door with glass panes near the lock, you should exercise caution. Make sure to also invest in a double cylinder deadbolt lock. This way, a would-be intruder can’t simply break the pane and unlock the door.

Steel doors are trendy among homeowners. The sale of steel entryway doors accounts for about half of all door sales.

Compared to other doors, steel doors are relatively inexpensive. They also offer extra security.

Furthermore, they’re much more durable compared to fiberglass and wood doors, for instance. Finally, steel doors require little maintenance.

Sizing Up Your New Door

tranquility Legacy Steel DoorIn some cases, when replacing steel doors, you can remove your old door and replace it with a steel door. These kinds of doors are called blanks or slabs.

In other instances, however, you’ll need to remove the entire door and re-frame to install the new door. This project will include removing the door jams and threshold. You’ll especially need to replace the door framing if any of the wood sections around the door have started to rot.

Alternatively, your doorframe may show no sign of wear. However, the studs that support the door can bow as they settle. In this case, this deterioration will cause your door to fall “out of square.”

You’ll know when your door is out of square. It’s harder to close the door.

In this case, you’ll need a prehung steel door. By choosing a prehung door for steel door replacement, you’ll ensure that your door works as desired.

A prehung door comes already installed in a new frame. These kinds of doors also typically include weatherstripping.

Prehung doors are an ideal choice if the frame of your door is out of square. Alternatively, you may want a prehung door if you’re going to enlarge the opening of your front door.

When choosing a prehung door, make sure that you choose a door that swings in the right direction. You’ll need to stand in the doorway facing outside to figure it out.

If the lock is on the right, you’ll need a right-hand door. If it’s on the left, you’ll need a left-hand door.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Legacy Steel DoorSteel doors come in many styles. You’ll find a broad selection of beautiful steel doors on the market.

Some manufacturers even let you specify customized options, such as glass panes. However, ordering customized doors takes a little longer.

You may have to wait two to eight weeks for the manufacturer to complete your order. Still, if you want a personalized touch for your steel door, it’s worth the wait.

If you want security for your home, a steel door is your best bet. Steel doors are some of the strongest doors around.

Furthermore, steel doors don’t crack or warp. You can also repair steel doors with an auto body repair kit if they become dented or damaged.

It may surprise you to learn that steel doors have an inner frame made of wood. The frame gives them more strength.

They also have high-density foam insulation on the inside. Manufacturers will either leave the surface smooth or emboss it with a wood grain pattern. With a wood grain pattern, you can have the look of wood and steel durability and security.

Pick the Right Pro for Your New Door

Door installation is not a do-it-yourself job. A small mistake can affect the quality and reliability of your steel door.

It’s important to install your steel door correctly. A proper installation will ensure your door is attractive.

It will also ensure that your door provides you with optimal comfort and security. For this reason, it’s essential to hire a good door company for the installation.

To find a good door installation service, you’ll need to do a little research. For example, ask a potential door installer about previous projects.

You also want to pay close attention to your interactions with potential service providers. A good door installer will do more than try to sell you a door. They’ll also recommend great doors that are appropriate for your home.

Expert Door and Window Installation for Your Home

Now you know more about replacing steel doors for your home. What you need is an expert door installer to do the job right.

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