If your home’s main door is something durable, you will think having storm doors is not something for you. People would think it’s an unnecessary expense, but you’ll think twice.

Having a storm door can be helpful in protecting your home from weather conditions. It can be a good investment if you have an older but durable home. It can even give you some protection from different elements.

Even then, are there true benefits to getting one for yourself?

In this guide, we’ll show you all the different benefits of storm doors in your home. From the storm doors doing their job to all the extras you get once you have it, you’ll surprise yourself. There are so many good things that can come from having storm doors in your home.

What Are Storm Doors?

Before we learn about its benefits, we need to first understand what a storm door is. There are many different ways to put it, but in builder terms, storm doors are, at their most basic, second doors.

Many storm doors have different styles. The most basic of these uses a large, solid pane of safety glass to make the main door visible. They can also be a combination of different doors that you can move to allow the use of insect screens.

So, what do storm doors do? Depending on your needs, it can do many different things for you. 

The primary function of storm doors is to protect your front door. It can help prevent any bad weather from the outdoors to come to it. Many of the protections that storm doors offer to go towards weather control for your home.

It can protect you from extreme rains, flooding, UV rays, heat, and even snow. It can keep wind chill down, which can be useful for your home.

Apart from protecting you from the weather, what else can it do? What benefits can you get from storm doors?

1. Adds Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a rave for many people these days. Being able to keep a stable indoor temperature at home means superior energy efficiency. This keeps you from overusing your HVAC system, saving you money in the process.

With storm doors, you prevent the heat or cold from getting out and the outdoor winds from going in. You maintain a level of isolated circulation within your home. This means you get to keep as warm or as cold as you set your home for longer.

Storm doors tend to provide a bit of extra protection. Some will have Low-E coating glass that will prevent the heat from the outside from seeping in. Many storm doors even have buffers for different weather elements by design.

This makes storm doors effective insulators. If you are creating an energy-efficient home, you need to use storm doors with others. Combine it with energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings to improve further. 

If you can prevent leaks using your storm doors, you’re on your way to an energy-efficient home.

ProVia Storm Door

2. Filters More Natural Light

Storm doors are designed around giving you extra protection from the elements. Sometimes, however, you’d think the house is getting too dark and stuffy. If you can filter more light in, you should be great.

What we like about storm doors is their ability to filter in more light. Unlike many front doors that keep you 100% sealed in, even from light, these give as much as possible. You can get your indoor lighting to reduce energy consumption and much more.

Natural indoor lighting is crucial to a home. Long corridors and general inaccessible foyers may mean that you need something. With storm doors, you get to illuminate your house better with more natural light.

3. Reduces Noise From Outdoors

Noise moves around through the vibration of the air molecules around. Using a combination of energy-efficient multi-pane windows and storm doors works. You can create an indoor that has drastic noise reduction capabilities.

The same idea works in recording studios to suppress any noise that comes from the inside and outside. By using storm doors, you are able to cut back on heavy noise. This then allows the homeowners to relax and enjoy it inside their homes.

Why would you want to reduce noise from the outside? Some people are more vulnerable to noise than others.

Some people like the elderly and children have a higher sensitivity to noises. Extreme doses of it can make people suffer. Nuisance also tends to increase medical visits, the need for doctors, and reliance on drug medication.

While storm doors are not an answer to everything, they’re close enough when it comes to noise control. Storm doors seal up the biggest hole in your home where noise can pass through. This means you can get more peace and quiet each time, every time.

4. Protects Your Front Door

Storm doors can protect your front door from the ever-changing weather. If you have a great-looking door that cost you much money to build, you would want to protect your investment. Storm doors won’t allow water in.

Storm doors also protect your front door from contamination. If you live in a swampy area but don’t want your front door looking less pristine, storm doors are the ones you need. A superior, pristine front door can give your home much value, preventing the need for maintenance work.

ProVia Storm Door

5. Storm Doors Keep You Secure

Another extra protection that storm doors give is human-related. They can work as an extra safety net from different things. Proper storm doors create a literal gap between you and the outside world.

How useful is this in real life? This protection includes anything from paper subscriptions, religious door-to-door visits, and even burglaries. By having storm doors to protect you, you can prevent malicious elements from jumping you at the door.

Many crimes like burglaries start at the front door. Storm doors can act as supporting protection. Many of them can’t stop a bullet, but it can help you see who’s outside without letting them in.

Doing so prevents people any physical access to the inside of your house. All you would need to do from this point is to call the cops over.

The extra security of storm doors is undeniable. It can help deter thieves or any unpleasant entities without giving them access to you. This can then further remove your home from being a target of an unsuccessful burglar.

We should note that people are unable to break storm doors by sheer force. This means the door itself is a shield while you call the authorities.

6. Adds to Your Privacy

ProVia Storm DoorWhat we love about storm doors is their ability to keep your home more private. The thickness and the different designs can help you get better privacy. Nobody can see you if you pick the more discreet storm door designs.

This ensures that while you get the uninterrupted view you have of the outside world, nobody can see you. You get the peace of mind that you want.

In many cases, what separates the outside world and your privacy is a door. If you can get some peace of mind knowing your identity is safe, that’s a good day right there.

7. Adds More Value to Your Property

When you’re setting up a property for an increase in its total value, one of the ways you can impress is with storm doors. They not only give you extra protection but boost the total style of your home. How does it do that?

Potential homeowners are looking for a few markers for good home value. Storm doors not only increase the security of the home but add its other benefits with it. Modern designs also have good aesthetics and are beyond using basic, clinical styles.

This means if your home is up for appraisal, you can get a boost at different standpoints. Storm doors not only improve the security of the home but its beauty too. Use different styles and designs that match your replacement windows.

If anything, storm doors add deep value to your home that you can get a solid ROI for its addition. You want something that not only fits the architectural aesthetics of the home. You want a home that adds to the appeal of the entire home.

It needs to give the next potential owner the level of familiarity and comfort every time you use it.

ProVia Storm Door

You Need a Storm Door Now

A storm door is a method that is not only there to protect you from the harsh outdoor weather. It’s there to keep the outside world outside, protecting you and your family from potential danger. From improving your home’s energy efficiency to increase its value, storm doors are a good choice.

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