Maybe you’re building a home from scratch? Perhaps you’re getting ready to make some updates to your already existing home? Regardless of what the case may be, you’re looking to install new windows.

Now, you’re trying to make some important decisions. And, in particular, you’re trying to decide on the style of windows you’re going to install.

Curious as to what’s available to you? Then read on We’re going to discuss the most popular window styles In St Louis Missouri.

Single-Hung Windows

Perhaps the most commonly used windows in existence, single-hung windows possess a width that is lesser than their height. Used everywhere from kitchens to bedrooms to living rooms and otherwise, they’re basic but effective.

Single-hung windows open with the use of a single moving sash, hence the name “single-hung”. This sash exists on the bottom of the window and can be pushed up to meet the center of the window, leaving it half open at most.

While single-hung windows don’t provide the best ventilation, they provide more than enough ventilation to keep a home breezy on a hot summer day. Available for a reasonable price, they offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Double-Hung Windows

double hung windows by ProViaDouble-hung windows are just like single-hung windows, except for the fact that they possess two moving sashes as opposed to one. Because of this, they provide greater ventilation than do single-hung windows. They can be opened wide, allowing wind to enter through both their tops and their bottoms.

These windows are typically easier to clean as well. This is because most models possess top sashes which can collapse and allow easy access to the interiors of the window panes.

It is important to note, however, that the price of double-hung windows can as much as double the price of single-hung windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows possess the same general shape as single-hung and double-hung windows. Where they differ is in the way that they open.

These windows are equipped with a lever mechanism. This mechanism must be turned in a rotating motion so that it can adjust the positioning of the open window pane. While these take more time and effort to open than hung windows, they still allow for a great deal of ventilation variation.

In most cases, casement windows cost around the same price as single-hung windows.

Picture Windows

When in a closed position, picture windows possess the same general aesthetic as single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows. However, there’s a big difference between picture windows and the aforementioned windows: picture windows can’t be opened.

These windows are immobile windows which sit on walls the same way that pictures hang on a wall. Therefore, while they allow for a good deal of sunlight to shine through, they don’t allow for any ventilation at all.

Picture windows are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Because of this, you can find them at a range of different prices.

Sliding Windows

slider windows by ProVia

Sliding windows are essentially hung windows which have been tilted on their sides. This is to say that they’re wider than they are tall.

These windows are slid open from left to right or right to left and can be opened to a number of different extremities. Because of this, they allow for terrific ventilation variation.

Sliding windows can be found in all types of rooms, including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and so on and so forth. Generally available for around the same price as single-hung windows, they’re a solid option for any and all homeowners.

Awning Windows

A unique style of window with an intriguing aesthetic, awning windows are generally wider than they are tall. This means that, when closed, they possess a similar look to sliding windows.

What makes awning windows different from other windows, however, is the way in which they open. These windows are hinged on their tops, opening in an outward direction. When opened, they possess an awning-like aesthetic.

Awning windows are often found in bedrooms, but they can realistically be used everywhere. Offering ventilation come rain or shine, they are a terrific option for those hoping to add a new look to their home.

Garden Windows

Another interesting and unique style of window is the garden window. Aptly named, these windows are often used to provide sunlight to plants and flowers. While they’re typically installed in dining rooms and living rooms, they could conceivably be installed anywhere.

Garden windows are unique from a lot of windows in that they extend outward past the exterior surface of the home. Because of this, they possess a slight ledge. This is the ledge upon which flowers and plants are typically placed.

Consisting of four separate window frames (one on top, two on the sides, and one facing directly outward), these windows let in sunlight from a variety of angles.

While some garden windows can be opened, many of them can’t. They exist primarily for sunlight purposes and, therefore, don’t possess the need to open.

Note, garden windows are fairly expensive. This is due to the fact that they consist of four panes as well as the fact that they can be complex to install.

Bay Windows

bay and boy windows by ProViaOften used as the centerpieces of rooms, bay windows are large, aesthetically-pleasing windows which are terrific for sunlight and visibility. Consisting of three angled panes, they protrude out past the home’s exterior.

The middle window pane on a bay window is typically a picture window. This is to say that it’s fixed and can’t be opened. The outer two frames are generally single-hung or double-hung windows, meaning that they can be opened to allow for ventilation.

Offering a panoramic view of the outside world, bay windows can truly open up the atmosphere in a room. While they’re expensive, they’re well worth their cost.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are like bay windows, but consist of 4 or 5 panes as opposed to 3. Like bay windows, they extend outward past the exteriors of their corresponding homes and are often used as the centerpieces in rooms.

The individual panes on a bow window will vary in terms of whether or not they can open. Whereas some of these panes will be picture windows, others of these frames will be hung windows. Regardless, bow windows are capable of providing some ventilation.

Cost-wise, bow windows are even more expensive than bay windows. However, if you’re looking for a window that can provide you with ample sunlight, visibility, ventilation, and atmosphere, a bow window is well worth the money.

Architectural Windows

Some windows are optimized for ventilation. Some windows are optimized for sunlight.

Other windows are optimized for aesthetics. These windows are known as architectural windows, and they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Often rounded on their tops, architectural windows work in tandem with siding, roofing, and other decorative items on the exteriors of homes. In doing so, they provide those homes with their own unique, individual aesthetics.

While many architectural windows are fixed and incapable of opening, some of them can be opened. This is particularly true if you have your windows custom ordered.

Transom Windows

transom windows by ProVia

A great way to bring natural sunlight in by your doorway is to install a transom window. These windows are installed above doors, serving as both aesthetic ornaments and sunlight facilitators.

Transom windows are generally much wider than they are tall, extending across the entire length of their corresponding doors. Often designed with paints, glosses, and glazes, they add a lot of character to the front of a home.

In most cases, transom windows can’t be opened. However, this isn’t to say that the idea of an opening transom window is inconceivable. You could likely have one custom ordered if you wish.

Roof Windows

If you really want to add a unique element to your home, you could consider installing roof windows. Commonly installed in bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms, they offer terrific views into the outside world.

Roof windows generally can’t be opened. They’re typically installed for sunlight and atmospheric purposes. However, there are some models that can be opened.

In most cases, these windows are going to be expensive. Not only do they cost a good deal of money to purchase, but to have installed as well.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are the types of windows you’ll find at the bases of homes. Used at the tops of basements, they allow in sunlight without allowing in condensation.

Due to their construction, glass block windows are virtually impossible to see through. However, they will still allow you to see some moving colors.

Used primarily for basement waterproofing purposes, they are not traditionally used in rooms other than the basement.

All Types of Window Styles in St. Louis

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