Take a look at your patio doors. Are you looking to remodel and replace them? Are you just now realizing they’re not up to modern safety and environmental standards?

If you’re looking for new patio doors, you already know the process isn’t straightforward. STL Windows and Doors can answer all those questions for you. With so many styles to choose from, they make it simple. That way, you can make the right choice for your home that you will love.

The 411 on Patio Doors

In general, there are two kinds of patio doors: sliding doors and swinging doors. Swinging patio doors are often called “French doors.” They can swing outward or inward, depending on how much room you have on either side.

Sliding patio doors commonly have two frames, but it’s possible to have three or more. You can also have operable and inoperable panels, meaning that some doors slide while others remain fixed in place.

Glass Options

Again, you will find numerous options, so it’s essential to find glass suitable for your home and the climate in the St. Louis area.

Types of glass:

Tempered  Traditional glass that’s heated to an extremely high temperature and then rapidly cooled. This treatment creates glass that is 4x stronger than average. If it breaks, it’s more likely to shatter into small round pieces rather than create jagged shards.

  • Pros: More affordable
  • Cons: Breaks more easily so intruders can get in. Not as resistant to storm damage.

Impact-resistant – This type of glass is often called “laminated glass.” With this process, two panels are pressed between a layer of vinyl. If broken, glass remains attached to the vinyl.

  • Pros: Less resistant to breakage, making them more vulnerable to storms and intruders.
  • Cons: More expensive

No matter the type of door, be sure to use double-pane glass as it’s more energy-efficient than single-pane glass. Enhanced weather stripping along the frame will also increase efficiency, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Best Sliding Doors

There are several excellent patio door manufacturers, which makes choosing the best sliding patio doors difficult.

In our opinion, ProVia offers the best patio doors. These American-made windows and doors are known for their quality and long-term endurance. You’ll appreciate the old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well.

You can find many different ProVia patio door options. We’ll go over them so you can find the model that suits your needs.

1. Endure Patio Doors

Aspect Sliding DoorProVia Endure™ Vinyl Siding Glass Doors are designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency. It is also, offering additional protection from storms and intruders. You’ll find many options when it comes to materials and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits the look and style of your home.

Endure doors are designed with Neopor®, multi-chamber vinyl profiles that provide thermal efficiency and decrease outside noises.

Key points:

  • Easy to customize
  • Variety of interior woodgrain colors
  • Wide variety of exterior paint colors
  • Varying internal grid styles & patterns
  • Multiple choices when it comes to glass & hardware
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Come standard with ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing to prevent heat loss & reduce condensation.

Request a free estimate on Endure vinyl sliding patio doors.

2. Aeris Patio Doors

Aeris™ Sliding Wood Doors give your home a warm and luxurious look and feel. They are extremely functional and customizable. Yes, you can customize the patio door with many different wood types, from oak and cherry to maple.

Aeris doors won’t just transform your patio. It will change how you see your new space. They are not just super energy but efficient beautiful, as well. They exceed industry standards for air and water filtration, wind resistance, forced entry, and operation ease.

Key points:

  • Fully customizable
  • 16 interior wood stain finishes
  • 16 interior paint colors & 4 exterior colors
  • Options for internal grids & blinds
  • A wide array of glass options, including decorative, privacy & tinted
  • ENERGY STAR certified

Request a free estimate on ProVia Aeris sliding glass doors.

3. Aspect Patio Doors

Provia Patio DoorAspect™ Vinyl Siding Patio Doors are known for their durability, quality, and energy savings. You’ll never have to worry about thermal efficiency or storm and theft protection.

Key points:

  • Offered in white, beige & sandstone
  • Multiple glass & hardware options
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing

Request a free estimate on ProVia Aspect Patio Doors.

4. Designer Hinged Patio Doors

Designer™ Hinged Patio Doors lend a special kind of elegance to any outdoor space. Designer doors are constructed of solid, quality materials for maximum beauty and durability. You can also customize these doors to match the style of your home to create that perfect fit. 

Key points:

  • Available in 2 or 3-lite units
  • Customizable width and height
  • ENERGY STAR certified

Request a free estimate on Designer Hinged Patio Doors.

Why Choose ProVia?

Energy Star Partner of the Year

ProVia offers some of the best American-made windows and exterior doors in the industry. They are committed to delivering excellence in every product they make.

What started in a garage 40 years ago has grown into a nationally-recognized provider of quality windows, exterior doors, and patio doors.

ProVia has been awarded 10 times by the U.S. Department of Energy & U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for ENERGY STAR®.

STL Windows and Doors

10 Year Workmanship GuaranteeSTL Windows and Doors has served the St. Louis area for over ten years. We’re a family-owned window and door company dedicated to selling only the best replacement windows and doors.

Our goal is to exceed industry standards and your expectations regarding service, quality, and satisfaction.

STL Windows and Doors is a Platinum Authorized ProVia dealer and Certified Installer for the St. Louis area, including St. Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, and Lincoln counties.

We also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on every window and door installation we’re privileged to install.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about us.

Upgrade Your Home With New Patio Doors

If it’s time to build or remodel your home, make sure to install the highest quality patio doors. ProVia sliding glass doors will give your home that “wow” factor while ensuring energy efficiency and savings. No matter what type of door or materials you choose, know that you are getting the highest quality sliding doors.

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